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A visitor

A visitor
(Arthur Mee’s England: Gloucestershire; 1939)

A book arrived yesterday
- a visitor from the last century
Visiting our modern-times day.

Carries news and views
But no photographs or maps.

Tells us all about
The places
And the faces

Of the people
Who went there.

But most of all of everything
It brings the smoke
Of years gone by -
An incense offering to the gods.


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An unexpected visitor

I was surprised by an unexpected visitor today. She kissed my cheek with her warmth and enveloped me with with her brilliance. Few are the ones who see her true beauty. The world had been so dark without her, so cold. I missed her dearly but now she is back. She gives life to the frozen hearts. She fills the soul with laughter and bubbly expression. She loves me and I love her….. Her name is Sprin...

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