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Spanish Stillness


The world around me is how it used to be:

Fresh, alive, peaceful, welcoming.

Alone but not alone,

I’m part of this world again,

not fighting it

not worrying.

Not competing and being judged.

A modest meal awaits,

with good wine,

a shower

A bed.

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I really don't know better

We like to share a bottle of wine and quaff it down with ease

Should we have another? Go on then, yes please

When we think we've had enough

And in the morning we'll be rough

We pour ourselves another glass and stuff ourselves with cheese

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I Really Should Know Better

I really should know better

at the age of fifty three

But who am I kidding

I am talking to me


I really should know better

to say no to a glass or two

But you pulled the cork

so I am blaming you


I really should know better

it makes me feel so bad

I wake in the morning

sore head and feeling sad


I really should know better

to say no to more wine


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Fine Wine

(as seen by an untutored infidel)

Wine tasters, aficionados and critics wax ecstatic
over the wonderful essence of wines, 
comparing and contrasting with fine distinctions,  
discussing the terroir needed for each variety of grape,
best sources and vineyards, 
best vintage years for each wine and region,  
best methods and sequence of storage,  
best temperatures and timing of serving, 

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New White Urban Pioneer

Deep is the dampness settling upon my brown skin.

A layered onion would not succumb to its 



An Oregon rain is persistent, precipitated by

a scowl of dirty clouds, a Creole-colored frown,

its sound preceding as if pitter-pattering feet running

free like caribou on an open plain.


Nothing tastes better than Jovino's Pinot Gris,

recommended by Emily, a wine...

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black lives matterpocwineemily dickinson


Blank eyes,
Gazing skies,
Saw your skin,
Full of lies,
Touched your hands,
Saw Wrinkled lines,
No family,
Few Broken ties,
Casual traveler,
Finding life,
Two strangers ,
Such A cold night,
Sipping wine,
Dim sunshine,
A girl I met,
By riverside,
Beauty as if,
Shining moonlight,
Felt like I know her,
From some other life,
I think she was Running away ,
Just Like me,
Drinking aw...

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I feel awkward without coffee

 I feel awkward without coffee

like chasing pert sylvans round Helicon's hills

constant under Urania's dissapproving eye.


Makes one want to get deep into the wood with goat footed pan

erection flailing wild for Bacchus rites.


Or better yet to smash skulls for the ruby juice 

thick Teutonic forest leaning close.











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Headphones and Wine bottles

Not exactly dressed for the kill-

Hell, she can’t even walk

In a straight line-

But she’ll still be able to find her way

To you.

In these heels,

In those thoughts,

She dances with wine bottles

While headphones play

Some song

That had nothing to do with you.

Bare feet circle bare floors;

Bare hands hang onto

Bare walls-

Or the toilet seat.

She feels poet...

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A Fair Exchange

"Wine is sunlight held together by water" - Galileo Galilei

That cold May week in England
with its soggy clouds and sullen skies
seemed to offer little cheer
as the sun meekly went early to bed

But on Italian slopes, she was doing a far better job;
shining with vigour and love
caressing the grapes, forcing a smile
pressing them into action

Yorkshire’s becks and streams did their p...

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Losing Faith

This allegorical poem came out of my awareness of time passing, and a sense of the ultimately insubstantial or superficial qualities of much of this life that, as we grow older, seem less important or valuable than they once were.


Losing Faith

Faith, old friend, so wise and fulsome,

faded beauty at end of day,

draw me aside in a beechwood spinney,

make me swear on the code with...

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Faithflame treessea-breezewinecyclingbeechesLincoln

Red Letter Day

The clock
The minute
and the liquid
Vanilla scent
and gentle oak
The nose is pleased
The lips poised
The tongue
Then thirst, palate,
mind and soul are
The nectar and company
shared, valued 
And a birthday

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My Baby Boo

Today my heart felt a blow,
By a view so divine.
I let my emotions flow,
Like a 30 year old wine.

There it was in that tiny box,
With pulses of energy shooting through,
That blurry image came across,
Like the inside of a Great Gray Kangaroo.

I felt her hand touching mine,
Held her hand - fingers entwined,
Watching my angel wriggle and shine,
With the life of Us combined.

Seeing y...

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Wine is for laughing
Wine is for talking all night
Wine is for living life out loud
Wine is for making us beautiful
Wine is for all-night conversations
Wine is for getting together again
Wine is for ‘never again’ tomorrow
Wine is for sleeping like a baby
Wine is for telling the truth
Wine is food for love
Wine is friendship
Wine is fresh

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Red Wine

Let us spill our red wine together,
abandon all concerns about stains.
Let us take a long drive together,
and get lost in the woodland lanes...
Our picnic will simply be of cheese & wine,
with a soft blanket to cushion the ground,
and when we spill that red wine on each other,
we'll lick it up & make some giggling sound...
Yes, let us spill our red wine togeth...

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Time stands still in a front room in early ’95.

The telly is on but the sound is off,

All About Eve plays on the stereo,

soft vocal tones and powerful guitar.

The clock says a time but that doesn’t matter

as here it is timeless.

Bev drinks a glass of wine

while I have the rest of the bottle

and a full bottle of Thunderbirds.


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roomhouseromancewinetvmeex wife

Chip & Dips & Cool, Cool Wine

Chips and Dips and Cool, Cool Wine

Luscious lips
Curvy hips
Cool white wine
Chips and dips divine

A dribble here to lick away
A splash of dip has gone astray
Soft playing music may make you swoon
Gently lolling back in this vibrant room

A sash you pull to ease the waist
Pull me close so I can lick and taste
A subtle mix of fresh bathed skin
Traces of the wine that slipped within

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