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On Bodily Autonomy and Geriatric Femininity

They never ask, the old ladies.
They just hug, pinch, kiss and
Cuddle at will. Babies are theirs,
You know, and they do love them
So much. I guess it isn’t their fault,
No one ever told them they aren’t
Free to touch at will. I once told
A woman to get her hands out of
My hair, and she said no man
Had ever asked her to stop
Touching him before. As an old
Lady, I’m sure she became anothe...

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Sway to the winds

Hoover over the plains of unwritten avenues

Brush away all misconceptions

Death to ifs and maybes

Lay with me in this tornado gliding to the designated mark that is love

Dance with me

Join me in my pursuit of truth

My pursuit of us

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My Baby Boo

Today my heart felt a blow,
By a view so divine.
I let my emotions flow,
Like a 30 year old wine.

There it was in that tiny box,
With pulses of energy shooting through,
That blurry image came across,
Like the inside of a Great Gray Kangaroo.

I felt her hand touching mine,
Held her hand - fingers entwined,
Watching my angel wriggle and shine,
With the life of Us combined.

Seeing y...

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