Time stands still in a front room in early ’95.

The telly is on but the sound is off,

All About Eve plays on the stereo,

soft vocal tones and powerful guitar.

The clock says a time but that doesn’t matter

as here it is timeless.

Bev drinks a glass of wine

while I have the rest of the bottle

and a full bottle of Thunderbirds.

I will be pissed for over a day.

Life is for living now so that’s what I do.

We talk about life and things as you do

in such a moment. Small things in life

seem most important,

after all what are material things

if you’re lonely?



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nick armbrister

Wed 29th Feb 2012 14:24

anyhow my mood is better now lol. we all have off days. where do the poems come from lol.

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Glyn Pope

Wed 29th Feb 2012 14:05


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nick armbrister

Wed 29th Feb 2012 01:58

hi Phillipos indeed a lot there, its a happy poem as its when i was courting the gal who'd be my wife later that year. she was 5yr older than me. i was happy but too young(40 now). we had what 3 yr wed and over 4 together. she wanted kids and i left. not for me. i had a lot of mental health issues from way back and other issues including bev wanting kids ended the marriage. i was glad as i felt it was naturally over if it makes sense.

we had no kids and she had them with some1 else. im too much into my own life, not selfish but like to do my own thing.

i relate to the loneliness you say on, ive been alone, single, 2yr in may. i attract the wrong type gals, 1s with major issues(like attract like?), 1s who just wanna be friends(no touching lol) or 1s who are taken. or 1s too far. half a world away.

i was gutted late tue night as a gal i knew in the 80s and shes pagan, a poet(good1), into airplanes, tattoos, art etc, she said no we not go out. i was like blah. what? quite sad. had a half cup of brandy to take the edge off it and then fought the inner demons that often tear me apart. eventually they go. reason most of my work, poems, is dark. and in a sick fucked up way, i enjoy the poignant feeling of rejection, being a goth since 1988 lol. i feel alone but its only in love. ive got great mates, im an excellent but flawed writer(cool combo lol) and ive my aircraft and history topics to research. and new tattoos to have. but im not a fool. and im kidding myself. the gal before tore my fucking heart out. as did many others. trust issues any1? there aint a gal alive who can handle me, the walls are back up now and im in the mood for an ale sesh with my mates. sadly i see marriage as outdated. yes im a bit bitter and last nights events still sting. ppl say dont drink, dont be depressed, dont write dark poems, dont do this or that. im just me and i actually do ok when its not on romance. why should i hide my flaws? makes good poems. will write how i feel on the gal sometime. do you write like this? experience an event? i do. im only half thru life lol and ive done a lot but have more to do. who knows what ill write next? yes thanx for reading. this poem was mid 96 btw.:)

also natasha in tolstoy war and peace sez "why speak, when words cannot express how one feels?"
tell that to a bloody poet, he'll give up ink for good. the line will make a nice tattoo.


Wed 29th Feb 2012 00:03

Ummmmmn - lot going on here Nick and the final line rams home that problem so many face in our society. Was only talking to someone this morning about isolation in particular and opined, we can be happy as Larry in our own space but lonely as hell in a crowded room

But I guess everyone has a different slant on it and hooch don't help. Especially powerful was:'The clock says a time but that doesn’t matter' CHEERS.

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