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Spanish Stillness


The world around me is how it used to be:

Fresh, alive, peaceful, welcoming.

Alone but not alone,

I’m part of this world again,

not fighting it

not worrying.

Not competing and being judged.

A modest meal awaits,

with good wine,

a shower

A bed.

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La Faba - 2017

After the Meseta,

after the heat,

after the stones.

The green hills

the shady paths

the views.

The way is rocky and steep.

Don’t stumble,

keep your balance and


Peace around you.

And then there it is – La Faba.

I have arrived

And part of me will never leave.

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Somewhere in Spain

The walking

The peace

And You.

Just you, in a foreign land.

Remembering what its like to be you.

No agendas No pressure

No deadlines.

Time only matters when you are leaving in the morning and when you need to sleep.

The walking

Seeing things and feeling again.

Around you no-one is rich or poor,

everyone has a story and a reason to be there

to be shared and reco...

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