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I AM, (Both sides)

I am the serpent that writhes in your mind
Decisions, derision, words formed unkind
Mestophiles old, sat cast in stone.
Place steel in your hand that cuts to the bone.
Sameal seducer, moulder of man.
To cast doubt on a love, destroy if he can.
Grigori descended to mess with your lives.
Carry the hurt out on many poor wives.
Lucifer guides,  the road easy and wide.
Your lead to take, to p...

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Your Devotee

I remember you soley,

make me your only devotee

when your rememberance dies,

you may take me.

Before then I only hope to be your devotee.

Forgive me.

I only seek refuge in your resplendence.

Take me away from the corruption,

That I may worship you only.

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If I woke up and worked every day

with a calm resolute execution of plans,

or perhaps at least stayed on approximate track

with the basic things for which I stand.


If with a small grain of faith I’d hold the course

knowing that by small things come the grand.

Then I think I’d be dangerous, I’d finally be...

an instrument in the Lord’s hands.

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faithgodgod's will

One Hair

I thought to change one hair tonight

from white to black, atop my head.

It seemed a try would be alright

while lying here upon my bed.


I called out to the powers that be

in all their forms amidst the sky,

but nothing changed at all for me

though I had given my best try.


I guess it’s human nature

to control the things at hand.

To try and make sure ever...

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Let the wolves run

Let the wolves run

I run faster

Let the wolves run 

I am stronger

Sure of myself 

I flex the muscles of my mind

No need to hide

I expel hexes in one breath,

You may not enter

Nor commit the theft 

Of my soul

You are uninvited 

Release the hatred from your heart

Vengeance is a waste of energy

To be enlightened is to be smart 

And rise above, rise!

I a...

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