Chip & Dips & Cool, Cool Wine

Chips and Dips and Cool, Cool Wine

Luscious lips
Curvy hips
Cool white wine
Chips and dips divine

A dribble here to lick away
A splash of dip has gone astray
Soft playing music may make you swoon
Gently lolling back in this vibrant room

A sash you pull to ease the waist
Pull me close so I can lick and taste
A subtle mix of fresh bathed skin
Traces of the wine that slipped within

Folds of satin in a creamy hue
Now they've parted to reveal a view
None could fail to gaze in awe
Skin so smooth to drop a jaw

Trace the narrow stream of wine
As I do you say come be mine
Shrugging shoulders shed the rest
Now you truly are aptly undressed

Lacquered nails bring a sudden gasp
Spur me on to meet the task
None could ever say was lacking thrills
Reach and pull me further to meet your will

Oh the hours they pass we know
The shortened candles tell us so
Their fragrance cast with subtle light
As we explored and kissed all night

Wine sipped and tipped in cool delight
Senses taken on a delicious flight
Of fancy that I say all should feel
Else they would never know it's real

Lovers please each other so very well
When they are not hidden in a shell
Soft glows warm scents Joan's vibrant voice
Her classic album was a stunning choice

To stitch the elements with subtle grace
As up and down the wine we chase
Never will our appetite for love retreat
The depths we've known to that warmest beat

Will last until we're well past grey
And though a life will pass from us one day
It will be a fond celebration at the wake
As the last one standing recalls every shake

And shudder as we passed our together time
With those chips and dips and cool, cool wine
With tickles and kisses and so much more
As we rolled around on the fur covered floor

April 24th 2009



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<Deleted User> (5646)

Mon 27th Jul 2009 13:34

This is really quite sensual, especially the first few stanzas. Enjoyed this poem very much.

Janet :-)

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Daniel Hooks

Mon 27th Jul 2009 09:59

the first person to comment! I wonder why becasue this such a great and romantic love poem. well done!

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