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Lover's Embrace

Lover's Embrace

I run my hands through your auburn hair
Feeling it's silky softness
Drinking in its sweet, apple scent
I'm hypnotised by your smell
Enchanted under your spell

You gently kiss my hand, my neck, my cheek
And every part of me melts
My breathing follows an unfamiliar rhythm
My heart beats the way it's been longing to beat

Your lips are close enough to kiss
My eyes stay...

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Body Language

We don’t need words when we have body language
The way you tangle your hair around your sly finger
Looking at me with that puppy dog face
Oh, you know what you’re doing to me

You’re good in a bad way
I’m digging your groovy beats
Cosmic rhythms babe
But I’m not here swept off my feet honey

Those curves speak right to me
Low cut shirts always get the best of me
I know I’m better than this

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Roses are red violets are blue ah just kidding that's not how I start off a poem for you, you hair is like silk, your lips like no other, your eyes they give off a sensation of wonder, a true work of art, you are the kaleidoscope piece to my heart, for your love is shiny, colorful, and always brand new, I'm your sweet loving pet but you're just as loyal and true. 

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My Baby Boo

Today my heart felt a blow,
By a view so divine.
I let my emotions flow,
Like a 30 year old wine.

There it was in that tiny box,
With pulses of energy shooting through,
That blurry image came across,
Like the inside of a Great Gray Kangaroo.

I felt her hand touching mine,
Held her hand - fingers entwined,
Watching my angel wriggle and shine,
With the life of Us combined.

Seeing y...

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On my lips

I want pressed

The lips of another

misunderstood creature


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