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A Bohemian Journey

So many nights I have rested beneath the unnerved sky,
plucking the strings of a lyre.
Sacrificed made decisions to be free-spirited.
I'm living the life of a Bohemian
a man,
comforted by desires and serenity
just like a canvas invites paint to a dance.

Red wine spices my tongue
feeling the essence as I swallow.
Wiping the discoloured effect from my lips.

Strewn grass caresses my feet

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The Bailaora of the Ball

entry picture

From the balcony I see her

In the composure of the night

The Bailaora takes over the streets

As she absorbs the mood into the moonlight

I perceive the Jaleadors and Jaleadoras

Providing the ultimate rhythmic Palma

She smiles enticingly.


Arms held high

Above her head

She looks so sturdy

So proud of herself

Her hands turn inwards

Then outwards

Then the zap...

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Saint James of the Field of Stars

A friend of mine recently completed the Camino pilgrimage of Saint James from Lourdes in France to Santiago de Compostela, in Galicia, Northern Spain. He did it in two section a year apart, and walked, rather than cycled, all the way. I have no idea how he got there.


Saint James of the Field of Stars


I'm a travelling cyclist

(the type with panniers,

sturdy boots, waterproofs)


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Feria - A Spanish Comedy

entry picture

Feria - A Spanish Comedy by N.E. David made it as our first ebook. This is a lovely book in the wonderful tradition of Clochmerle but set in Spain rather than very rural France. It has all the ingredients, Fiesta, Terrorism, Paella, Love, Lust, lashings of booze, and cracking good read.

To buy in the UK visit http://amzn.to/Lk280v

To buy in the US visit http://amzn.to/NpUiAZ

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