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I feel awkward without coffee

 I feel awkward without coffee

like chasing pert sylvans round Helicon's hills

constant under Urania's dissapproving eye.


Makes one want to get deep into the wood with goat footed pan

erection flailing wild for Bacchus rites.


Or better yet to smash skulls for the ruby juice 

thick Teutonic forest leaning close.











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economy domine

Athena sits

Her once gleaming eyes

Now milk dull with fear and hatred

A once great titan brought to her knees, exhausted

Sensing defeat, she allows memories to overcome her

As the biting ropes cut into her legs and arms

Binding her forever more

To those she fought

To overcome

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Blood thief

There’s a floor called race and a home called blood,

it can be what forms you.

It can be what clothes you, what warms you as it flows through your body,

a rich honey providing brotherhood, relation, family and love -

bonds of pride which cartwheel through your body.

I have a mystery and in my father lies the clues.

I had droplets of speciality, uniqueness, distinction, excitement...

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Happy National Poetry Day

entry picture

Eternity in a Chasm is my latest poetry video to celebrate National Poetry Day. Recorded in Kos, Greece, the poem was first published in Decanto Magazine. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCv1WN4ZRhpBLr3nw1e168Cg

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Fiscally revolting


(to the tune of 'coming round the mountain')



The Greek people they have had it up to here,

With those ‘haves’ that say these times must be austere.

Forbes’ list shows the same old picture

The poor pay up - the rich get richer

Publishing financial crimes without a fear.


Has the Parisian Republic gone berserk?

I mean, growth through spending... ...

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