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No Angel

You say you're "no Angel"

And we're left in a tangle

Words expressed with feeling

Still searching for their meaning

Does this give you a license so freeing

You can do whatever without stressing?
Responsibilities old and frayed

Distressed, dismayed and betraying


Keeping everything so tightly wound

Is bound to cause a rupture

Spewing the pain you strive the concele


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Memorial Park


A bronze, winged man holding an olive branch

emerges from his fountain and war-torn stance


Deco fence reflects St. Johns River ripples

Cotton tops reveal taut nipples


Weary jogger sucks the air

Bluejay announces his high-n-mighty affair


Golden Pup sniffs the grass for savory gems 

His human on her phone fights for amends 


River sparkles do a dance m...

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Tiny crown purer than pure white actual angel simply born to guide 

The shell of an angel to her mother's right side 

To the left a bright white blinding aura 

Nothing purer ..spirit daughter 


A mother whose heart feels its been stolen 

In time will see that she was chosen 

Tiny crown sent from above 

Heal mummy's heart with your sacred love 

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stillbornAngelangel baby


before I raised my hands

but not in applause,

she was a live-wire,

pulled like an angel jitterbugging

towards the light of stars in a

wild nocturnal samba or

waltzing past the jaws of bats in

ball-gown of brown and ginger,

this after

bearing a plane-full of young, then

jiving like a flying tiger,

break-dancing on honeysuckle nectar


that ballerina's heart be...

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The Lotus in the Marsh

I see the world around me

Shifting from origin,


Natures and actions of people

Deviating astray with no precision.


Yet, among the chaos I seek and find,

The one soul who I thought I could easily leave behind.

Her eyes sparkling with love, and her heart, oh so kind,

She lifts me up with her energy, her voice revitalising my mind. 


She creates a symphony guided ...

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Corrigendum : Blue Scarf Yellow Suit

It was actually green and I hadn’t any clue

I penned down lines thinking it’s blue

Stanza after stanza inspired by the subject

Perhaps I was mesmerized, perhaps it’s true.


The subject threw light on my thoughts

And I weaved praise of all sorts.

There was a gush of guilt within me then,

While my poem had topped the charts.


Reception wrong yet the lines made some se...

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beautiful womanangel


White invision to my eye

feel your presence round the sky.

Glare has punctured right through,

yet you kill the dark that brew.


Tingle down the spine

piercing shot from behind.

And there you appear 

once a thought, now so clear.


Now pulled out weightless 

taken to my father's fortress.

Commencement of life Part Two

tell me, tell me is this who

this whit...

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The Angel

Her eyes would never see the rainbow and the light.. 
But by her, my soul was to be ignited and benight ...
Her tiny hands that day clasped unsteadily with my own.. 
Touching mystically my core in ways I have never known.. 
An orphan who embraced the world as if it belonged to her.. 
What vision dare not achieve, her touch unveiled and  gifted life to her.
Teaching her sounds and syllables, ...

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Fallen Angel

You have lost your smile.

Where is it gone ? I do not recognise you anymore. 

Your lips strech, I can see your teeth,

You could have fooled us,

You could have fooled me.

Howerver, there is no longer any spark;

Your eyes are weeping and I am the witness of a bygone joy.

Forgive these crude words, there are not meant to hurt you. 


What is this place that have smothered y...

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Time lies like a guardian angel,

lost in a past

that shall leave a trace,

safe within the pleats

of this life's fabric.

Look and remember

a white poppy's petal

that brushes gentle as night

across our peaceful faces

with silken care.


Chris Hubbard


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You took my skeleton out of my body and molded my spine to stand straight.

With your skilled hands you took me apart and put me back together, like you had done so many times. 

In one piece, after so many years - you taught me what it was like to stand alon

You sculpted my wings in perfect likeness of yours. 

With each feather, you gave me hope and confidence. 

I was an angel -...

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Tears, Earned

Our Beloved Mother, Another year, another birthday without you. Miss everything about you...gone but never forgotten. As much as our Mother lives on in our hearts we miss her terribly so...and days like these, especially a day like today, when we should be celebrating all of her, with her .We can't because she was taken from us a long time ago. It feels like forever yet the memories and pain ...

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My Baby Boo

Today my heart felt a blow,
By a view so divine.
I let my emotions flow,
Like a 30 year old wine.

There it was in that tiny box,
With pulses of energy shooting through,
That blurry image came across,
Like the inside of a Great Gray Kangaroo.

I felt her hand touching mine,
Held her hand - fingers entwined,
Watching my angel wriggle and shine,
With the life of Us combined.

Seeing y...

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To hold you up

if you start to fall

and fly to your side

whenever you call.


To hold you close

when dark closes in,

I’ll feed your heart

and beat from within.


To feel your warmth

and the glow of your smile,

when the clouds are parted

we can see for miles.


To hold your hand

through life's testing times,

to shield and protect

on those slippe...

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The Day You Begin To Live

Trisha M. Hopkins

The day you begin to live 
Is the day you start to die 
Things you see aren't what you believe 
Even the first tear you cry 
Is already the thing of the past 
The hardest you try 
You cant make the day last 

The day you take your first breath 
Is the day you gasp for air 
Trying to figure out whats next 
The sound of angels is what you hear 


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*The Day The Angels Cried*

The Day The Angels Cried 

September-16 & 17-2002 

Trisha M. Hopkins
Dedicated to those of 9/11 

The day the angels cried 
We lost our life and our pride 
The day the angels cried 
Is the day we lost our children, husband, and wives 
What has changed? 
The strength of the world, our lives 
Its been rearranged 

The one above 
He'll help us through 
All we can do is love 
The on...

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Have you ever heard an angel laugh?

Or watched her go about her day, 

In a pleasant kind of way,

And realize that you are happy too,

Just because she laughs with you.


And know that if she were to ask,

You would accept her any task,

And do it with unblinking speed,

If only it was you she’d need.


Have you ever known such despair?

To always have an angel there,

Who gives meaning to each passing d...

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angeldespairlovesweet sorrow


You sparkled like a shining star

When I first saw you from afar

You promised what I'd never known

And I sought you for my own


But love with you was not to be

You couldn't share your light with me

However hard you said you tried

The glow between us dimmed and died


Angel - you are my fallen Angel

All hope of love with you has flown

Angel - you are my fallen An...

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I Miss You

Hello there,

Angel from my nightmares.

Devil from my dreams

a grey spirit that weaves

its way through my existence.

What a Dementor does to souls

or a Dalek to a human heart.


Even a superhuman heart

can break.


Just ask Logan,

a force so strong

a returning phoenix

could not reignite remnants.


I miss you.

Whatever yo...

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lovelossinternetfeminismtumblrradfemfeminazitrutheternitymissyouherhimthemtogetherforeveralonesilentangeldemondevilsatanreligionzealotryKingdom HeartsDoctor WhoDaleksX-MenLoganWolverinePhoenixJean GreysuperheromutantsuperhumanTime Lordghostmemoryspirit

What Angels?

what angels they?


they that always seem

to be looking

the other way

while in absentia

those robed in blight

and grey

of beak pick the bones of

our grief

genuflecting  promises

on the never-never

of a day

after tomorrow that none

will ever see


what angels they?


they that can no longer


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My Angel Visited My Dreams Tonight


My angel visited my dreams tonight

And looked at me with sweet delight.

Listen-he said, and my heart gashed,

Crystal world of dreams has crashed.


I am leaving you, I’m fed up and sick

To save you from the mistakes in lyric,

Love is only and only an earthly thing,

Without my help you will better sing.


Don’t fly away, - I begged him kindly,


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Don't Cut Her Wings!


To clean her room

She uses a simple broom.

She is a nice girl,

All that she does shines like a pearl.


You have to be careful,

You have to be faithful.

She is an angel,

She is from a chapel.


Don’t try to gamble!

She is bashful.

She is brittle ,

She is beautiful.


She is a sample

Of a beautiful song.

She doesn’t know ...

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Don't Cut Her Wings!


To clean her room

She uses a simple broom.

She is a nice girl,

All that she does shines like a pearl.


You have to be careful,

You have to be faithful.

She is an angel,

She is from a chapel.


Don’t try to gamble!

She is bashful.

She is brittle ,

She is beautiful.


She is a sample

Of a beautiful song.

She doesn’t know ...

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A Man Who Fell To Earth


                                                A Man Who Fell To Earth



          Religion speaks of higher states of grace,

Yet Angels fall despairingly,

All around – Cherubs are put

Through pain,

     Has the Dark Lord risen,

To claim a victory of insanity

While overseeing death?


The Man Who Fell To Earth

     Warned of this but ...

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An angel cried

A seemingly endless corridor of doors
closed, dark and foreboding
I walk,
I walk,
I walk
I want to open each but i know
a deep and unknown fear
lies behind each and every one
I walk through a door
which one i dont' t recall
and the hidden ones half glimpsed
almost seen yet hide in close shadows
are they who bleed morning dew,
evening myst, and the eternal fertile seed

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When you wake up right in the middle of a cold cold night

and there's no such a thing as a warm blue light

with hardly anyone around

yet you're still loved

your dreams-


it really seems

your life is made of dreams

we breathe, neither awake nor asleep

our world falling apart, yet there's football on TV

with all there is to come - just how shall an...

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angelfootballchristmasdreamsasleepblue light

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