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Sunday Prayers - edited repost with audio

Sunday Prayers


Yesterday was Sunday.

It was our Sabbath;

a walk in the park

in the autumn sun;

and that was the day

right after Shabbat;

and that was the day

after their Jumu’ah;

Three days of prayer,

of reflection and quiet.

We walked in the park

with family and friends

in the autumn sun,

then sat in the riotous

children’s playground,


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Death Of Joy

Every time you look at me

You make me shiver  

Not in joy but in pain

Like suicidal impulses


Before the ages of God

Before the invent of clothes

Stars were brighter

We were the happiest


There was no word in between

Nor any sentence to form

Only a touch was enough

To feel each other within


Now the laws and the oaths

Rule the hearts and the mi...

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I almost regret to write this poem

for fear it may vanish

flicker away like Evan's flame

scared of the voices

that murmurs that carry its name

across the wind

whispers of That


but it only lives for a little

hiding in plain sight

waiting to be noticed

so it may slip away

one more time


only to be invited back

by the warm, orange glow

of the everlas...

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