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Willpower and Discipline

Willpower and discipline,
have long been two of the 
most despised words in the 
english language to me.

What character flaw prevents  
the willpower and discipline
necessary to be the person
I imagine myself capable of being?

A half-lived life is heartbreaking.
There is no acceptable excuse, 
not age or disability.

Even people with no limbs 
live empowered lives 
built on willp...

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You took my skeleton out of my body and molded my spine to stand straight.

With your skilled hands you took me apart and put me back together, like you had done so many times. 

In one piece, after so many years - you taught me what it was like to stand alon

You sculpted my wings in perfect likeness of yours. 

With each feather, you gave me hope and confidence. 

I was an angel -...

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Ballad of a Procrastinator

I want to do it

But I don’t do it.

I hope to do it,

I know I won’t do it.


My life of procrastination,

Is believed to be an abomination,

By those involved in my creation.

I will never get spiritual emancipation.


This life of procrastination,

Although kills the time I have,

Has enabled my imagination,

To come out of dingy cave.


I think to do it,


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Feeling low, 
absent is my flow,
guilt eats at my bones 
and all my wrongs 
follow me home.

I've got no will 
to do the things
I need to do.

The sun burns me blue,
I can't hear the trees,
the moon always leaves
and my heart does 
drown out in the sea.


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