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Confessions of "A" RaVeN

I pull away to face the pain,
For fear that I will never find a way to heal my soul again, 
with the torment from the memories of better days,
As I get lost in a waking dream, I pull away to face myself,
Cause when I look into the mirror I see the reason why you're gone.
With only myself to blame,
How can I face my own shame? 
Letting you in and showing you my tainted soul, I told you that ...

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Confessions from A Wonderland - At the Edge of All Things

Unexpected friendships at the edge of all things

Here at the edge of my world, where the light and dark meets, lies the confessions of me, a tainted soul... lost in a waking dream

And then there is you 💙 who loves me without having to, without question, without me asking you, you just do, no matter how much I push you away, you don't budge, you just stay standing still, you don't move but ra...

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Confessions from "A" Wonderland ... My confessions of "A"nisha

Confessions from A Wonderland

Home 🖤

Her smile, it shines in the night. Lighting up the dark with a look inside her eyes, so beautiful, so wise,. So kind, so much life.
Her crazy makes mine look wild and I'm completely in love with who she is.
When her lips touch my skin its like pure ecstasy surging through my soul and my body craves the feeling of her closer to me and when she is close to me...

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