Six of Wands – Triumph – Victory, success, the realization of a goal

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Six of Wands – Triumph – Victory, success, the realization of a goal

Interpretation: This card depicts a happy young man riding home on his big white horse, banner held high, with the crowds cheering him on. This clearly indicates triumph and a victorious celebration. This card indicates accomplishment and recognition and to be paraded around for all to see. The seeker may receive some form of recognition or reward for a job well done. This card indicates that you will achieve your goals and your efforts will be noticed. Whatever the nature of the question, this card indicates both success and rewards.

This card could also be interpreted as the seeker is now embarking on a new journey and exciting journey and the joy of celebration towards that journey is of a glorious kind. You may be on your way towards something new and different and the excitement of it is clearly a positive step forward. You have great expectations for the future ahead and if you stick to the right path you will achieve admiration for you efforts.

This could also indicate the beginning of a joyous relationship or partnership and perhaps you are thinking of taking it to the next level for all to see.

Reversed: The reversed six of wands indicate defeat and the lack of recognition that you were hoping for has eluded you. May it be a new job or new relationship this card indicates a competitive venture and you may not be up for the challenge or you may not be able to reach your desire achievement by just wishing for it. Perhaps you need to get off your high horse and put in some more effect into the things you wish to achieve.

This card indicates some form of disloyalty in the seekers situation and the fear of delay is causing an inconclusive victory and praise with no real substance.

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