Knight of Wands – The Warrior – Passionately moving forward, conquering the unknown

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Knight of Wands – The Warrior – Passionately moving forward, conquering the unknown


Interpretation: The knight of wands indicates a warrior of passion and spark the desires to move forward, the knight riding on his horse blazing forward, conquering the unknown and taking charge of his inner urges. The knight of wands has the potential to fight the undesired itches of his heart and has the Will power. The knight of wands brings the promise of change and the strength to move forward.

This card indicates that the seeker is now able to leave difficulties behind them and with practical action taken in spite of distractions the seeker will move forward into a new, more positive space in their lives. Perhaps you will embark on a new adventurous journey or you will have a change of residence, whatever the change involves just know that it is charged with positivity, confidence, enthusiasm and potential.


Reversed: The knight of wands indicate a time of separation and discord. Perhaps the misunderstanding of others now interrupts the seekers progress and too much quarrelling is causing the seeker to stagnate. There may be a lack of passion in your efforts towards your dreams and you may be feeling as though the fight to achieve those dreams is fading in your heart. Your will power seem to have been lost in translation and you are battling to move forward in anything you have undertaking. Perhaps your relationships are taking strain because that spark you once had within you no longer lights your way. This may be causing instability in your life and the stress of it is making you act irrationally and you are fighting an argumentative battle within yourself. In order to get through this time you will need to calm yourself and try remain rationally focused on what it is that is delaying your progress.



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