Confessions of "A" RaVeN

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I pull away to face the pain,
For fear that I will never find a way to heal my soul again, 
with the torment from the memories of better days,
As I get lost in a waking dream, I pull away to face myself,
Cause when I look into the mirror I see the reason why you're gone.
With only myself to blame,
How can I face my own shame? 
Letting you in and showing you my tainted soul, I told you that you might not like it, but you said  "show me anyways" and so I did, but then you disappeared, and I was left confused. 
Now I pull away from you to face my own mutilated heart alone, yet trapped in my own world of hell. Lost in a Wonderland where my confessions flow out of me like a bloody waterfall, but now consisting of my illusive words, 
Yet I am betrayed by my own fate. 
As I bleed out my tainted soul upon every page...

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