Nine of Wands – Wait for it – Strength, defences, standing your guard

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Nine of Wands – Wait for it – Strength, defences, standing your guard


Interpretation: The nine of wands indicate a time of waiting, waiting for difficulties and changes to accrue. This card indicates that there challenges that the seeker needs to overcome in their lives and even though the seeker is bruised and battered, this card shows that the seeker needs to take a time out to just breathe for a little while. There are many things happening in the seekers life and there are hidden foes and deception at play but the seeker needs to understand that even though this is a temporary sense of ceasefire in struggle, this card shows us that we must never let our guard down.

Even though you seem to have been hurt and in a time of rest this card advise you to stand your ground and stand up for yourself. You may be called upon to defend your actions and perhaps even your beliefs and even though you don’t seem to feel up for it you need to know that you are on firm ground and therefore capable of overcoming any obstacle and can face any challenge that comes your way.

The number nine indicates that you are at the end of this cycle and the wands indicate that you do have the strength of Will to tackle the problems and to achieve success. So stand firm and prepare yourself and when the time is right do not hesitate to act so that you can end the hurt that you are feeling.


Reversed: The reversed nine of wands indicate that your defences are down and that the seeker has been caught off guard. Perhaps you have underestimate the extent of the situation and the strength of your opposing forces. Sometimes taking a stand on something that is not worth fighting for will leave you in a indefensible position to handle the situation.

The reversed nine of wands could indicate an obstacle and a problem that you are not aware of and due to that your spirit and your body is feeling weakened and drained. You may be in for a time of illness that might leave you disabled to defend yourself. Look to the other cards around you in the reading and see how they can advise you on how to handle the situation better so that you can come out of it in a more positive mind set.

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