Ace of Wands – Creation – Power, new life, a new beginning and ideas, a turning point

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Ace of Wands – Creation – Power, new life, a new beginning and ideas, a turning point

Interpretation: The ace of wands represents a new beginning. A time of birth in a new adventure and creative ideas the seeker wishes to spark into their everyday reality. The wand indicates growth and fertility. Even perhaps an inheritance of some sort, not only in the financial sense but also to inherit an ancestral gift or ability. The wands represent the spiritual self so this is most likely something you will gain or achieve in the higher Ether. This card represents a lot of energy and that energy can spark some form of life or creation, either a creative one or a mundane one.

This card often appears when you have a lot of energy at your disposal to direct it at a new project or enterprise. The cards shows that you are open to new idea and inspirations, that this is a good time for innovation towards your creativity and adventures plans.

This card promises new beginning and new hopes will be fulfilled. This is a cards of fertility and promises to rewards the seeker if they put all their energy into achieving their hearts desires. To take what was born in thought and direct those ideas to awaken into a mundane physical reality within the seekers life. To embark upon that journey through the realms of the divine to find a more knowledgeable way of life and to find true spiritual enlightenment.

This cards signals new beginnings but one needs to consider the initial question to determine what kind of new beginning would be pending.


Reversed: The reversed ace of wands warns that something in the seekers creative life is going to fall through and stagnate the process of their journey. This card indicates a false start and an unrealized goal that will not come to pass. Whatever the situation may have been this card indicates that what looked promising may not materialize. This card warns the seeker of broken promises and the enthusiasm that they felt at the beginning is now fading away, leaving you feeling frustrated and powerless.

You need to examine your behaviour and try to recover some form of initial passion you once felt for the adventurist spirit of who you were. This card shows that the seeker has lost their drive and passion towards life and perhaps even towards their relationships with other, their careers they have spent time pursuing and even their desires to achieve the impossible dream. This card indicates that it is time to relight the spark within your soul and direct your ideas back into a reality. 

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