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Confessions from A Wonderland

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Her smile, it shines in the night. Lighting up the dark with a look inside her eyes, so beautiful, so wise,. So kind, so much life.
Her crazy makes mine look wild and I'm completely in love with who she is.
When her lips touch my skin its like pure ecstasy surging through my soul and my body craves the feeling of her closer to me and when she is close to me, her heart brings me to life. The way her hair hangs over her gorgeous eyes when she is a kissing me makes my heart skip a beat and I'm lost inside of her touch upon my craving skin. The longer she kisses me the more I search for the answers my soul yarns to know, as I lose myself even further to the wonder of her mind. Lost by her hesitation, pained by her reluctant heart and tormented by the thought of never truly having her love. So terrifying that thought is to me and I'm pained by the sorrow it brings.. Yet Her beauty is beyond description and her soul is such an overwhelming force, that it can leave me breathless as I gaze upon her and in those moments she brings hope to my heart, feeling so alive again. Nothing in this world is more perfect than the beauty she holds deep inside of her soul and nothing in this world can make me take my eyes off such a spectacular sight that she is. I am completely in awe of her and I am completely fascinated by every part of where her soul tends to hide. How I long for her to return to my heart and for her to remember who we are.  How I long to realign the stars and make her mine for all of time. Never letting me go again.
Her love is like medicine to my brain but her lack of attention drives me insane. Her glance makes my heart leap in faith, for at that moment it is me she sees and I am completely taken to another world, another dimension and here I am free to love her without restraint, without fear and without been driven insane from the spaces between us. When she looks at me I am hers and she is mine and nothing is more blissful than those moments when I am inside her arms. I need her, I need all of her and I lay to waste when she is not in my days. I can't face that which I need and I am weakened by the loss of not having her with me. Her playful soul makes my world feel safe and I cannot get enough of her smile. Every time she is near my universe surge into life and nothing, absolutely nothing makes me happier than that. Her madness is perfection and her perfection is intoxicating, making me drunk on her affection,
She is alive inside of me, and I cannot see the light without her in my life. When she is near I do not feel faded and I do not feel lost. I feel like I am home and home is where my heart belongs and my heart belongs to her.
She is more than simple poetry, she is more than a love song, she is the words of the heart that bleeds on paper with every stroke of my pen, keeping her Unforgettablely immortal upon these pages of time, she is so much more than she realises. she is the orchestra behind the music. The lullaby that brings peace to the aching heart in need of soothing.
Claiming my soul with only a single gesture of her kindness, with a single glance in my direction and I stand vulnerable before her sight, exposed for all of her to see. I cannot hide myself, I cannot contain this feeling that holds me inprisoned behind the walls of my of life and I explode inside my mind with every word unspoken. She is my muse, my heart strings and the one who sees right through me. Her presence demands attention and her attention is like lightening that sparks the ground to come alive as she smiles at me, giving me a look that tells me I am her territory, I would completely surrender my heart to her, belonging to only her. When she opens up to me it's like my world became a bearable place and I can breathe easy again. She is my everything and she is my destiny, keeping my soul from falling into the abyss that calls to me, giving me strength to believe that love can be kind to someone like me, and when she kisses me again, she fills up my world with her bliss as she pulls me closer inside her embrace with her kiss on my lips. Making me feel so safe as her arms wrap around me and can feel her heart close to my own. I am completely in love with her and I would belong to only her if she ever gave me the chance but my fear keeps me separated from being close, for I fear she doesn't love me the same and that thought cripples my heart, bringing me to my knees as I die everyday waiting for her. There is so much beauty in who she is and she is my weakness, my freedom and the one my heart seems to miss when she is not in my days. I am broken when she goes away yet she doesn't see the pain in my face when she doesn't stay.
She is my Tempest but she is also the calm to that storm, she is the wind and the rain, the shelter and the sunshine all rolled in one and I cannot and I will not ever run from the storm that she is. Never to bring her harm to her heart as long as I live, as I try to take her pain from the existence of her world. I long to save her from herself as she saves me from my hell, but she doesn't know, she doesn't see, she doesn't understand what she means to me cause her eyes fall upon another, another who could never love her close to the way she should be and it terrifies me to think that maybe it's not me she need. My heart bleeds for her, I am weak for her, like a fool desperately seeking comfort to ease my aching soul, laid to waste as she walks away without turning around to see the pain on my face. I am hers for all of my days yet she is not mine and the torment is breathtaking as my tears fill my eyes and my anxiety crippling all my senses, which holds me hostage to myself. Forsaking all else so I may find my peace inside my own mind, watching as she pushes me away and I feel the stabbing pain of despair taking hold of all that is good in my world. I can't breathe as the darkness takes a hold of me once again and I fall weak to my despair, watching myself as my anxiety tells me I am not what she wants, that I am not what she needs and that torment rips my soul apart, shattered by the thought and nothing can take my pain away other than her love, her heart, her smile, her kiss, her touch and having me in her world, for to me she really is the cure to my existence. I crash and crave her like a love sick fool needing to be set free but she is ablivious to my aching need to have her for all eternity, yet I wait In silence in hope to set our souls free, intertwining our love forever in time as I become hers and she becomes mine, bringing my fantasy into my reality as she kisses me once again and I sore beyond the stars as her love carries me to where I am free, to where I am loved and to where I belong, in her arms, which I call Home... 🖤

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Thu 16th Jan 2020 15:28

Raven, first start with a spellcheck in any document editor. I could point them out to you but it would take less effort if you use software that is readily available.

I see your piece as poetic, lots of rhymes and artistic passion you put into it. I don't see the title needing a change.

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Raven Anne Matthews

Thu 16th Jan 2020 09:09

Thank you both for your comments. I do welcome any constructive criticism as I feel I still have a lot room for improvement. With regards to the proofreading, you are very welcome to assist me in that matter as I am a lone amateur writer who has no contacts for such things... I have also changed the title of my piece to better suit your preference to my style of writing. But again I appreciate your comments. Thank you

Blessed be to you always

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Don Matthews

Wed 15th Jan 2020 13:30

To me this is not poetry. It is like the page out of a book. I'm not even enticed to begin. It is far too long. But that's just me.

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Wed 15th Jan 2020 13:12

This is a very beautiful piece straight from the heart.

I would advise to proofread, fix some typos and this will be a much stronger piece.

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