Page of Wands – The Messenger - A faithful friend. Initiative new enthusiasm, good news

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Page of Wands – The Messenger - A faithful friend. Initiative new enthusiasm, good news


Interoperation: The page of wands indicates a bringer of good news with great ideas that may lead to success. This card indicates a faithful loyal friend may explode in the seekers life with good intentions that will help the seeker with enthusiasm and passionate energy. This is a time of good employment and new opportunities if the seeker remains optimistic. This is a great time to start a new venture, new friends and even maybe a new romance or perhaps re-flame an old one with new life. This card is a positive card that indicates a lot of potential for new things in the seekers life and promises to aid the seeker with positive inspirational enthusiastic energy that nothing can get you down. Hold on firmly with both hands to your passion and Will and you will find that you can achieve more than you ever possibly imagined.


Reversed: The reversed page of wands can signal the arrival of bad news or perhaps negative gossiping from someone known to the seeker. Perhaps things in your life has been going wrong and due to childish behaviour of your acquaintance are making you doubt your own sincerity and what you have to say feel like it is not being taken seriously. You may also be feeling worn down and unable to find the energy so that you can apply yourself enthusiastically to your tasks. Perhaps you need to step back and re-evaluate your situation and find a way to motive yourself again. Hold on to your passion with both hand and don’t lose the Magick that is in your heart because you are lonely and sad, someone will come around and help you learn more about yourself but until then do not lose faith in who you are.

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