Poetry of a Twisted Mind

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Spaces in time
All in my mind
But I can't seem to find what is lingering close behind.
There are monsters somewhere near
Can't you hear?
Whispering things, like nightmares in your dreams
It's so scary,
The things I've seen
So now I'm hiding
I'm hiding in my mind
Lost in time
Cause I am sacred of what I might find,
As I close my eyes,
listening to cheerful cheers of the wicked mind
Calling me from the darkness,
Telling me I'm not worth it.
Their lies buried deep within me
Haunting my dreams
Walking closer than what they may seem
As my past catches up
their finger tips ripping me to shreds
Almost destroying the heart of me
Suffocating my breath
I can't breathe
Memories of things left unsaid
Monsters hiding underneath my bed
Is this all in my head?
But their touch leaves a mark or two
Hand prints on my skin
Monsters lingering way to close to me
Can't you hear?
Whispering in my ears
Demons of fear
Words that brings to many tears
Oh monsters why can't you leave me be and come back another year.


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