Seven of Wands - Take a stand – Higher ground, position of advantage

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Seven of Wands - Take a stand – Higher ground, position of advantage

Interpretation: The seven of wands indicate that whatever the conflict you have been experiencing in the situation is now coming to a point where you need to take a stand. Even though the conflict is leaving you feel pressured you need to call upon your inner strength and determination to help you though the last and final rounds. This card indicates that the seeker has the advantage point, even if the seeker does not realize it but they have the strength and steadfastness to endure and be able to hold their own ground. Whatever happens do not give up for if you make the correct amount of effect you can achieve victory and success.

Perhaps you have been in a situation where people have been overly critical and opinionated towards something in your life or a decision that you have made and you are battling to deal with them and their opinions. This card shows that you have the upper hand in the situation and that you do not need to overly concern yourself with others and what they think of you. Whatever your choices are, if they truly make you happy then this card shows that you do have the capability to overcome any obstacle.

Reversed: The reversed seven of wands indicate that perhaps the seeker has lost the upper hand and the opinions of others now supersede their own wants and desires. Perhaps the seeker has lost the passion that use to drive them to succeed and now they have forgotten what is important to them. This card shows that strength and determination has failed and the seeker is battling to overcome their fears and face up to the challenge. You may even be feeling a lack of self-confidence which is causing you to not overcome the obstacles that are holding you down and you cannot seem to mover onwards or even upwards. If you give up now you may lose any opportunity you have to better the situation so you need to find the confidence within yourself and take a stand and find higher ground.

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