Eight of wands – Sudden advancement – Fast forward motion, full steam ahead

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Eight of wands – Sudden advancement – Fast forward motion, full steam ahead


Interpretation: This card indicates that the seekers life is on the fast track and everything is going forward in a swift manner. Everything seems to be going as planned and all the efforts you have put into the situation has been set in a sudden motion.

This card could indicate that the seeker has made a hastily decision and the plans are moving at a very swift a pace. When this card appears in a reading it suggest that you are moving forward rapidly and are closing in on your goals more suddenly that you anticipated. If you have been experiencing a period of stagnation this card indicates that it is now over and there is freedom of action after a period of inaction.

The seeker may be experience a sense of excitement as they moving forward in life or in a relationship that has suddenly come about. This is a card that is full of energy and should be a great time to launch a new project or make the right amount of effort in a sudden relationship for it could be going places and going places fast.


Reversed: The reversed eight of wands is sometimes referred to as the speed wobble card. It indicates that things are moving way to fast and the seeker may be feeling completely overwhelmed. This card advises to slow down, focus and realign yourself with your goals before rushing into anything suddenly.

Perhaps you are trying to move in to many directions at once and therefore unable to actually move in perfect stride with your choices in life. Perhaps the relationship that you are in or want to be in is moving too fast and is now taking a turn for the worst and going in an opposite direction than you had hoped for. Perhaps your inaction towards life is causing delays in your progress and you seem to be stagnated quite a bit.



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