Ten of Wands – Overloaded – Carry a heavy burden, hard work, pressure

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Ten of Wands – Overloaded – Carry a heavy burden, hard work, pressure


Interpretation: The ten of wands indicates that too much success can become oppressive and can be a heavy burden to carry if the seeker is not careful. Perhaps the seeker has taken on to large of a burden or too many commitments and it is becoming too great of a load to carry.

This card shows that it is hard to work to achieve the task out hand but home is in sight and if you stay the course you will make it to your desired destination. As daunting as the task may seem this card reminds us that we do have the strength to complete the task and reach of goal post. If you have been wondering if you have enough energy to carry to through to the end this card shows us that if you hang in there a little longer you can make it. Just don’t try and take on more than you already have else you may delay you journey ahead. Just don’t lose sight of home that is right there in the distance reminding you that you are almost there.

This card can also indicate that the seeker is also too willing to take on others responsibilities which is taking on more than the seeker can handle. However your will power will drive you forward but let there be a lesson that you cannot not do everything yourself and need to learn to delegate some responsibilities on others. If you take on to much yourself, too often you will overburden yourself heavily so you need to learn what your limits are and then learn to work with that.


Reversed: The reversed ten of wands indicate that the heavy load you were carry will soon be lifted, either by you losing your way or not enough effort has been put into achieving success and you may be feeling less pressured in the situation for selfish reason. Perhaps you have an obscured outlook towards life and the burden of life does not seem to be weighing on you so heavily anymore. This card indicates a shifting of responsibility on to other and a selfish sense of passing the buck. Perhaps you have become too lazy to do the hard work and so you will not reach your desired destination. You have lost sight of your goals and you no longer on the path you set out on. Perhaps the reason life is not weighing heavily down on you anymore is because your obscured outlook has lost some form of meaning to you and your Will power no longer drives you anymore.

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