King of Wands – Passionate leadership – A commanding presence. Maturity of the heart

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King of Wands – Passionate leadership – A commanding presence. Maturity of the heart

Interpretation: The king of wands represents a very passionate and handsome man of conscientious nobility and a strong understanding of who he is. The king of wands rules with a firm and fair hand. He is kind of heart and loves all things under the Son. He is passionate in everything he does and holds out his hand to anyone who shows they are in need of help. However his help may come freely and easily but he is only willing to help those who wish to help themselves. He may lend a hand to guide you but his fiery passionate will not aid you down a destructive path of co-dependency on others. He want you to learn for yourself and to find your own understanding to the knowledge of good and evil. He has mastered his maturity of the heart and now rules with a commanding presence that is confident and just. The king of wands reminds us that we are able to be exactly who we want to be and have the capability to take charge of our lives and rule our domain with passion and understand of other.

The king of wands advice is solid and sensible and mostly comes from the heart, this card could indicate to the seeker that they will receive some substantial advice that will help them where it is needed most. If it is a reflecting aspect of yourself then you will find yourself in a good strong position to make those hard choices.

The king of wands shows that the seeker is now able to negotiate and communicate more effectively so that others can see their point more clearly. The king of wands is not of a normal mundane aspect so when he appears in a reading try to avoid doing things in that mundane manner and steer clear of repetitive tasks as you may become bored and irritated in the situation. The king of wands shows that this is a time more suited for taking charge and doing things in a more creative style rather than the normal usual way.


Reversed: The reversed king of wands represent a severe, harsh opinionated man with strict quarrelsome prejudice who is arrogant and intolerable of others. He has no patience and his heart has harden to the needs of others and his selfishness to clearly superficial. He cares for no one and his prejudice is cruel.

If his card appears the seeker may have or may come into contact with a person of such a nature. Perhaps the seeker themselves have become a little more intolerable to the people around them and has been unfairly prejudice towards the situation. The mind-set of the seeker or someone known to the seeker has been corrupted and is not focus on making things better but rather worse. You may need to consider that you or someone known to you is being dominating and insensitive towards others. This card warns against such behaviour as this is not the way to true enlightenment.

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