Two of Wands – Watch and wait – Good things coming, fulfilment upon the horizon

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Two of Wands – Watch and wait – Good things coming, fulfilment upon the horizon

Interpretation: The two of wands indicate a time of waiting to see if any of your plans will bear fruit. This card also indicate a well balance individual with creative ideas and has good things coming for themselves. This card represents kind generosity which will bring the seeker fulfilment in whatever they have chosen to achieve. You hold the world in your one hand and the wand in the other, that indicates that the seeker has achieve balance of the conscious and the sub conscious through patience. This is a card of the intellect who has applied themselves to what it is they set out to achieve and this card now signifies a period of rest, inaction and having to wait. You may be feeling restless and be preparing for change but you are now forced to wait for a response or good news to perhaps a business deal or even a relationship proposal.

The two of wands could also indicate a new job or signing of a new contract, or perhaps a new journey or adventure that you have been so longing to take but have delayed yourself by standing behind the wall watching everyone else’s success.

This card can also remind us that standing around waiting for something to happen is not always the best way to deal with things, you need to see that you have the capability to take charge of the situation and energetically apply yourself to any task that you wish to undertake.


Reversed: This card indicates that the seeker must avoid impatience which could bring empty success and the inability to succeed. Good beginnings may go sour if the seeker is not careful and paying close attention to what is going on around them. Be careful that you are not dominating others and the situation which could cause you to fail at whatever it is you are attempting to achieve. This card indicates self-doubt and things may not work out as planned. Perhaps the arrival of bad news is causing the seeker to not be able to think clearly and setting them on a spiral down fail.

If you are contemplating a new partnership or business deal, the reversed two of wands warns you to take it slow and consider the matter at hand more carefully.

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