Four of Wands – Romance and Tranquillity – Partnership, celebration of togetherness, harmony

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Four of Wands – Romance and Tranquillity – Partnership, celebration of togetherness, harmony

Interpretation: This card shows a time of celebration. A celebration of a partnership, a relationship and the joy that togetherness can bring. This is a card of joy and harmony and to dance unshakeable on your foundation. This is a time for new prosperity and to bear the fruits of your labours.

This card could have many interpretations and usually one shout interpret it by considering the question as well as the cards around it. This is a very positive and happy card that depicts the celebration of achievement.

This card also indicates a period of rest and reward after a long task as well as enjoying the efforts of your hard work. Your life and situation has reached a successful stage of development and this card can indicate a new adventure that could take you forward in life.

It could also indicate putting down your roots, making the choices to setting down in your life and buy a new house or to enter into a commitment, possibly even marriage or a business venture. Whatever the situation may be, this card shows that the seeker will find enjoyment, fulfilment and togetherness which they will be celebrated for all to see.

Reversed: The reversed four of wands could still promise success but warns that there could be delays or some form of obstacles that you still need to overcome. It may indicate problems with your business or property deals or with your partnerships or relationships. Perhaps you should take the time to find the joy in your life again and to re –evaluate what it is that makes you happy. Perhaps you have been in a depressive state of mind and lost the passion in your heart. However this card encourages the seeker to overcome these hurdles that that has been placed before them and to deal with the problems they have.

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