Queen of Wands – The High Priestess – Passionate. A ruler, a woman of considerable energy

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Queen of Wands – The High Priestess – Passionate. A ruler, a woman of considerable energy


Interpretation: The queen of wands represents an extroverted, extravagate, assertive and confident woman who rules her dominate with passion and strength. She is a generous and practical ruler that is fond of all nature and everything within it. She is kind and honourable and has the understanding of life and cares for her children. She brings the promise of fertility and growth and the capability to success in achieving true enlightenment. She is the master of her spiritual power and the queen of light to all those in need. She rules with her heart and strikes down her enemies with her wand of flames and fire. She is powerful in her mastery and a leads with the flames of truth. She is the Goddess of the heart and her passion ignites the flame in the hearts of those who has lost the Will to achieve.

When she appears in your reading she may indicate that you will become this woman or even meet this woman, in which case you can be sure to get some good business or relationship advice. Perhaps you have lost the passion and the drive to carry on but she promise to relight the darkness and ignite your heart once again.

The queen of wands could indicate some aspects of yourself that longs to be the queen of your own domain and to become more than who you are. This card is a majestic card that promises that you will find confidence and success and if you apply your Will in the right manner you can create a far better world for yourself and for others in your life. The queen of wands shows a woman of strength and power to master whatever task she decides to undertake.

Reversed: The reversed queen of wands is everything that the upright card is not. This card indicates a neurotic, inflexible, manipulative woman who will use any means necessary to achiever her goals. This card warns the seeker of a strict domineering, vengeful, jealous deceitful woman whose passion overrules all others concerns. Perhaps the seeker is becoming such a woman or they know of such a woman in their lives, yet this card indicates the interference of such a woman or could indicate that you are projecting these traits onto yourself. Either way, tread lightly, remember not to impose your values on to other or let other impose their values onto you.

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