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Jealous Cat

Soft and fluffy 

Ball of fur 

Curled up tight

Contented purr 

His favourite place 

Right on her lap

But Hey what's this?


Am I not the one

Who gives her Love?

Now all of a sudden 

It isn't enough 

Her eyes are glowing 

As she scrolls

The screen 

All these faces 

I've never seen 

I don't see men

Just a bunch of mice 

If they come...

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catspetrandomwriting for funstorytelling

Ode to Percy…(a cats best friend)

Watching the leaves fall

Standing so tall

Waiting at the window

I still wonder

It wasn't so long ago



I can still see us

Haunting shadows in the dusk

Running, fighting, climbing

Making footprints in the snow



Your furry figure lingers at the edges of my mind

Gone but not forgotten

Your smile runs to hide



Sunny days fade away

As you...

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the 5th kitten

4 little kittens went to see their mommy

anger, desperation, hope and beauty

the first one was to reach the light, but then appeared another cat in its way

she got so mad he was there, that she didn’t move at day

she thought I would rather stay here for a thousand years

than get a step closer for him to see my weak display of tears

then desperation reached anger’s cries 

and t...

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Dark night black four legged creature 

Sparkling stars your eyes such feature


Elegantly ruthless hunter by nature

Sharp claws and teeth

Trusted structure 


Ears they point to the sky


Short straight hair

No tangles


Perfectionism to perfection 

Grooming essential 

Deep and moving thoughts 

Undiscovered potential 


You chose me 


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black catcatspet poetryanimals

Night Things

This smoke-filled evening eight faces nose
around trees and benches

Hunger outwitting fear quickly the seats
around the food dishes fill.

Dishes empty dusk darkens
the human disappears

The night again owned
by the night things and cats.

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My Cat Daisy

My cat Daisy is the baddest cat around,

She'll attack you so quick without making a sound,

She'll turn you face into a scratching post,

Take a shit then lay on the remote,

You will just think it went missing,

Ask her and she'll pretend she's not listening,


And that's my cat Daisy,

She's fuckin' crazy,

Sick and twisted maybe,

Low key though she's a crybaby,



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shadow our cat

Shadow our  cat

communicates with us


he realizes that we cannot

speak cat so he watches

our human behavior

and uses it to communicate

with my wife and me


if his food bowl

is empty he does not meow

he just goes and stands

by his bowl and stares at us


if he is ready for bed

he goes to the bottom

of the stairway and stares at us

until we join h...

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You know that song by John Lennon whatver gets you thru the night well this small story tells of a good little creature  that helps me get through these  almost apocalyptic days and nights.


I'll never forget the day I got mi cat, they let her out the little carry box and she walked on my coffee table, then she wondered off so casual like an estate agent checking out my flat. Into every roo...

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catscopingfriendship stories

Black Cats are Brightest in Daylight

Calico cats are an epitome of beauty

A creole of colors and an unruly hooligan

Yet the world still thinks this is horribly gorgeous

Praised on paper but never in person

The world says it loves black cats, but believes in myths and curses

The biggest cats are only seen as claws and fur

Yet the women who can afford this apparel ignore the lost and feral

Common colors of house ca...

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I Hate Cats!


I hate felines, I hate cats

They’re nasty, malicious little prats

They always land on their feet

They may look fluffy, cute and sweet

But they’ve needles for teeth and razors for claws

That they conceal inside their paws.

I hate their mewl, I hate their wail.

The cocky way they flick their tail.

The way they hiss, and arch their back

Before launching into a vicious ...

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When Tibbles Had Nibbles

When Tibbles had Nibbles


There once was a mouse

We had in our house

Came over the fence

And I use the past tense



For I have a cat

Who’s getting quite fat

Less crotchet, more minim.

But still has it in him…



He pussy foots around

Look what I found!

Fluff on his claws

Spaghetti in his jaws,



His fluffed ...

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Its Jennifer's birthday,

Break out the champagne

Put up balloons and coloured paper chains

The child is on top of the world

so it seems

That was until Arthur,

Shattered her dreams

For those in the dark

At this moment in time

Let me introduce Arthur

On nasty feline

A moggy with menace

A cat with conviction

He'd scratch on the chairs

And leave hair...

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Merle Gibson: Rose from the Dead

When Merle died it was a sorry affair.

After hating us all her life 

she wanted to be close with us in the end. 

Lol, who had always seen the good in her

brought her back to life briefly on the last day,

which had shown how much he meant to her I suppose.


But cats are only meant to last a certain amount of time-

less than what should be a life time,

more than some marr...

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NaPoWriMo 2016 Day Twenty Eight

NaPoWriMo 2016


Day Twenty Eight


The prompt at NaPoWriMo today was to write a poem

that tells a story backwards, therefore, the first line should

say what happened last.


Here’s mine:



Finally she pulled the trigger and walked away  

She hated them all with a vengeance

The alley cats that rooted through trash cans like bin dogs

The fat cats ...

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catsnapowrimo 2016

cats get in the way

Little men with little hats,

running with the bats.

over the hedge and under the fence,

dodging frustrated cats.

people call us gnomes. but thats not who we are...

were pixies born from guilded stars.

hearing mother nature call when all the leaves begin to fall.

sprinkling diamonds in woven webs on frosty mornings

when all thats green slumbers in its bed...

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Cat Ass Trophies

In Dalston, London, where we lived for a spell,

we saw many stray cats & some were unwell.

From having just one cat of our own at the start,

we soon had 3 living with us but soon one had to part.


Poor Tommy had been our first and always on the hop,

but from the fits he was having that the vet could not stop

it soon became clear he was in danger so the time came

when we wa...

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The Cat that lived Across the Road


Everything seemed in order, I suppose, to die

It was a warm enough day;



The sun shone and birds sung

Even though birds would cause a feline heart to race



I’ve had my fill of life

Of tit bits and cosy sleeps, sometimes in next doors shed



And I’ve had my chases and midnight hunts

And I’ve always remember...

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The King of the Garden

The King of the garden is dead

And now the vultures come

For once before they would fear to tread

But not now, now the King is dead.


The King was a battered mongrel dog

Who kept his enemies at bay

And no cat would dare to enter his domain

Whatever the time of day


The cats roam fearless now

And in the midday sun can quietly lie

Or dance and pla...

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Modern love

He loves me

in a modern way. He texts me

almost every day. He posts his thoughts

on facebook pages and finds

my crazy cats outrageous. I think

there is a lot we share; Music, films,

the open air. Maybe he'll make

my life complete. I wonder

if we'll ever meet?

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Like Smoke

It seems as though our visitors may have returned, or at least their feline portent

I saw a black cat
when a black cat
wasn’t ever there

I saw this black cat
who was comfortably sat
beneath my very chair

but that black cat
was not so sat,
because it wasn’t there

and I saw that cat
when it glared right back at
my own quizzical stare

though while I look...

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A whisker on the window sill

Means feline’s been around.

She didn’t leave her pawprints,

She never made a sound.


But I know that she’s been there,

The evidence there still:

A little, wispy filament

Upon the window sill.


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We're gonna miss that cat


Today Bella died

And yes, both of us cried

‘Though we know so much is sadder than that.

Still she was a good friend,

Dignified ‘til the end

And now, we‘re gonna miss that cat.


She’d warmed both our feet

Would be waiting to greet

And before you could lay down your hat,

You’d hear that great purr

Feel the rub of her fur,

Oh how we’re gonna m...

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Balloons in the tree

Pass me the toys I'll play with you

lets load the riffle let the bullet go loose!

Who's gonna shoot the balloons in the tree?

Who's gonna pull the knives out of me?


Your little sister now owns your touch

cook for the robots 'cause they fought for us

we'll never let the kite go fly free

we never ever will let you leave


So you've really got it going


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My two humans
Have long firm noses
Hot breath
Seeking fingers
Stroking palms.

My two humans
Lie long together
In the frosty waking night.
They lie in warm places
Closing me out.
My good place is
Coiled on a warm lap
Under constant hand-caring.
My good place is
Between feet
By the hot hearth.
My one place is
In the bed
Between my two ...

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