the 5th kitten

4 little kittens went to see their mommy

anger, desperation, hope and beauty

the first one was to reach the light, but then appeared another cat in its way

she got so mad he was there, that she didn’t move at day

she thought I would rather stay here for a thousand years

than get a step closer for him to see my weak display of tears

then desperation reached anger’s cries 

and there it was, a little gap between the cat’s legs, what a surprise

squeezed herself, nevermind the pain just get through

she kept walking and she was almost there, finished with the pursue

she kept thinking about all the things she wanted to say to her mom

all the apologies she would give for her sister’s sins, red words on her paw

but before the almost there, comes a little door with no room

what’s inside is lure, whispering words of bloom

there need not be a room, it can be closed is what matters

“come in”, “come in and close the door”, some dark words it spatters

too desperate for some peace of the darkness, she goes in, never to be seen

then comes hope, with no care for her sisters’ demise, her journey is to begin

luckier than the before, it’s so easy she’s to laugh almost, there mommy is just 2 steps left

first is to feel, second to forget

so she takes a step and feels it all, the burden so heavy, the pain crushes her jaw

no hopeful words left to say, just forget and reach happy the cat

whilst hope’s struggles beauty is on the way, she runs with glory, her fur in the wind almost sings a story

but what she forgot in that beautiful mind, was that the day had now become the night

what crawled out of its pit of fear was anger, at night had become something entirely apart

not a pure anger but a mixture of melody, with the main ingredient a horrible jealousy

anger didn’t have to do much to stop beauty, all needed was a little dirt

she picked some up, and there was the climax of the story, a served dessert 

got hit in the head was beauty, if you could still call her that really 

all the glory wiped away, a mask of mud had cleansed the beauty and left but one thing

insignificance, unfortunately no one could remember her without her magnificence 

before she could even feel it all, her sole desire was to forget, break the mirror before she could see

forget she was the one in pain, maybe it was just someone else’s burden on her back, it didn’t have to be she

so she pushed the burden off her back, and it was hope that fell

then she took a shard of glass and stabbed the anger, what she heard from her heart was “farewell”

finally had reached happiness she thought, but where was it?

she was nowhere to be found, all gone, had quit?

without knowledge, all left was abyss, a solemn one, one you didn’t question just survive

so she just sat down and waited for her kittens to arrive 

all left was peace


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