Its Jennifer's birthday,

Break out the champagne

Put up balloons and coloured paper chains

The child is on top of the world

so it seems

That was until Arthur,

Shattered her dreams

For those in the dark

At this moment in time

Let me introduce Arthur

On nasty feline

A moggy with menace

A cat with conviction

He'd scratch on the chairs

And leave hairs in the kitchen

And when he was challenged

He'd sigh and then pout

'So that's you reaction, well, I'm going out'

And then they would think

That he might not come back

Maybe lying quite dead

by a railway track

But not Arthur, oh no

He would always return

When his passion for evil

Had started to burn

But Arthur was treading a wafer thin line

As his owners had started to feel the incline

To have him removed from their humble abode

And thrown from a bridge, or kicked into the road

I hear all the shouts of 'you cannot do that'

But really, my friends you do not know this cat

For the family, Jennifer, Angie and Reg

One final display threw them over the edge

The cat had appeared about two days before

Having sauntered in through the conservatory door

And in finding the household preparing for fun

He took to the field like Attila the hun

With sheer disregard for his owners emotions

And Jennifers true and undying devotions

He ripped up the gifts with the sharpest of claws

He trod on the cakes and spilled drinks on the floor

It was all in the most undecipherable mess

And Jennifer really was far from impressed

This time he had taken things slightly too far

For this latest of tricks was quite well below par

Jenny strapped on her boots with steel cap in the toe

And kicked the cats rear with the swiftest of blows

The guests at the party at first were aghast

when they saw little Arthur come hurtling past

But then, understanding of Jennifers cause

There followed a delicate round of applause

Its true that the cat is the loser this time

If you can't take the punishment don't do the crime

Arthur slunk off with a scowl on his face

And of him to this day there has not been a trace

Still there may be a time Jenny feels some regret

For Arthur, by no means is finished just yet


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gavin turner

Wed 13th Sep 2017 14:53

Thanks for your comment M.C.
Cats can be unpredictable, much like editors of small poetry press I fear!

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th Sep 2017 18:14

This tale of feline ferocity is certainly consistent in
maintaining the interest. In my case, I was reminded
how a poem of mine that contained the lines -
"When you look at me like that,
I want to go and kick the cat..."
was returned by the editor of a small poetry press with
a scathing rejection highlighting my cruel reference to a
sentient creature...ignoring its subsequent lines...
"When you smile at me like that,
I want to go and kiss the cat."

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