Modern love

He loves me

in a modern way. He texts me

almost every day. He posts his thoughts

on facebook pages and finds

my crazy cats outrageous. I think

there is a lot we share; Music, films,

the open air. Maybe he'll make

my life complete. I wonder

if we'll ever meet?


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Freda Davis

Sun 25th Nov 2012 08:23

I like that, Harry. Modern love ith modern enjambments.
(what has jam got to do with it?)
Actually, I did like the result of breaking the lines lke this. It sounds more thoughtful about the implications. 'He texts me' and 'I wonder' stand alone, and then are followed up after all.

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Harry O'Neill

Sat 24th Nov 2012 15:28

I`m glad Yvonne`s come back to this.

On a second look, the rhyme placings (plus their excellence) make it actually run better than if they had been more traditional...I
think it has to do with its modernity.

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Yvonne Brunton

Sat 24th Nov 2012 00:33

Great content enables you to move the line breaks without predjudicing the outcome. I'm rather keen on mid-line rhymes, Freda, so this appeals to my senses poetically. XX

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Freda Davis

Mon 5th Nov 2012 10:58

Thanks for the comments. I was just experimenting with the line breaks of course, as otherwise its a very mundane pattern that comes so naturally that I talk in rhyming couplets some days. I can see how boring it is as a form.

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Mon 5th Nov 2012 03:35

I saw this the other day and wanted to come back to comment on it.
It struck me as funny, profound, and sad in many ways...

Communicating with people around the world is just a click away these days! How some people conduct their relationships - both in a public forum, and void of any delicate, intimate interactions, that in the past would be necessary to cement any long lasting relationship, has become quite complex. I think though that if modern technology is used appropriately, and only as an introduction - can lead to something more substantial, but there has to be interest beyond the fascade often presented online and in ambiguous text messages for it to develop and endure - otherwise you are living in la la land...

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Anthony Emmerson

Mon 5th Nov 2012 02:38

Hi Freda,

Reminded me very much of Wendy Cope's style this one - not a bad thing in my humble estimation!


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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 4th Nov 2012 01:05

A great take on a modern problem. Love the last line - sort of whips the rug from under one, makes one realise the size of the issue.

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Greg Freeman

Fri 2nd Nov 2012 09:21

Very neat summing-up of the way some of us live now, Freda. They say social media is rewiring some people' brains - I fear it might be happening to me! Evolution?

tony sheridan

Thu 1st Nov 2012 21:56

"He loves me in a modern way" Love it! Take care, Tony.

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Thu 1st Nov 2012 19:18

But if you did it might be a huge disappointment Freda! I love your take on modern love - you are not far short for some people :)

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