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A little girl that got lost

My dad gave me a pair of glasses when I was about 5

It confused me a little

He said, “This is the only thing you’ll ever need.” 

“This will keep you as my little girl,” he said

He put it on and looked at me with a smile

With a warm one, I could see he liked it this way

I wondered back then if the warmth would cool if I took it off

but I didn’t want to find out so soon

I cou...

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FamilytraumasadnessDaddy issues

Close the door

What’s really nice about a door is that you can close it

you can leave all your worries, fears, heartbreaks outside

and just close the door

feel safety, comfort inside

a tiny little room that is all yours

a tower up on a hill that no one can climb

inside of a mirror, where it is just you and you and you

a prison cell with only one bed

and it isn’t so bad at first

but you...

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Write a happy poem she said

Why has no one ever loved me the way I love you?

Why am I on top of a hill no one wants to climb?

Why am I a chest of gold no pirate wants to find?

Why am I a question without an answer?

Why am I on top of a table, a dancer, and no one’s interested?

Why am I in a prison arrested?

Why am I always stuck in my mind, behind the bars of nerves?

Why am I left without words?

Why i...

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The one with depression

I’ve come to the end of my days

My little short fuse of a time is to fly

stopped searching for the cave in which it lays


all my sorrows, where the last tears are drawn from 

where all the pictures of the past have lost their smile

where the black ink has started to dry 


It is but a scissor I need to cut off this red 

To let it breathe with a new breath so fresh


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Cause I Can't Remember

The wind has flown and the pieces of sand are in the night sky

The moon has left and the sun’s waiting for her turn to arrive

The frog has jumped from leaf to leaf and has left ripples nearby

For these ripples have seamlessly blended that I don’t remember 

I don’t remember from where these red roses have become mine


I have watched by the years as if they were places on a map


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the 5th kitten

4 little kittens went to see their mommy

anger, desperation, hope and beauty

the first one was to reach the light, but then appeared another cat in its way

she got so mad he was there, that she didn’t move at day

she thought I would rather stay here for a thousand years

than get a step closer for him to see my weak display of tears

then desperation reached anger’s cries 

and t...

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I used to love you

it was like a fire 

spreading across my body

Every smile you gave me 

another piece of wood added to the pile

and oh did it burn

but the sad truth is

that love comes in pairs

and you had already found yours

and mine

my love 

it lost its colour

that beautiful glowing blood red

slowly faded and faded

like a rose without its soil

until t...

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I feel like a blank sheet of paper

White and clean

A colourless vapour

just emptiness

and nothing else

not good

or bad



nothing at all

like a black hole

it’s as if white is not a colour

it’s just

when you don’t have any

no yellow smiles

no grey trials

no tears running blue

no red beds for two

no black roses

for all the losses


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You Showed Me

Paint me a picture of a beautiful flower

Then tell me all the sins it has done

Let me look away just once

Before this sour taste in my mouth

Becomes all there is you showed me

All that hasn’t gone south

Let me see the truth behind the lie

That last wish before you die

or before you get to live

Give me the chance to forgive

Under the mistletoe what we have done


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The unattainable spark of life

A star in the sky with its tail wrapped around your eye

Spreads its light into you like a song that has just started playing

A song of hope and hopeless praying

and the only thing that could be heard

was the utter silence of never said words


Will you fly and reach the sky

or will the celestial come nearby

or will the two meet in the middle

as if the lover’s voices met ...

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loveunrequited love

How to love thyself?

Made a painting

it isn’t too big or too small

too fancy or too empty

just the right peaceful amount of boring

grabbed an old dusty brush

and buried it in pink

like the cheeks of a smile covered in blush

covered it all

all the sadness all the hate

anything too dark to make me feel small

covered it all so I could forget

leave it all behind 

as if it was someone el...

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self lovelove

Cause I remember

Do you remember when we were kids

and time was just a staircase we couldn’t wait to get to the top of

A bunch of spoiled kids with lives of pure bliss

impatient, immature, imperfect moments of the past in place

Pictures of a camera, all frozen in such haste


Do you remember when we would play hide and seek

I would hide all of me and you would come and find 

see me and stil...

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loss of friendshipfriendship

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