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A whisker on the window sill

Means feline’s been around.

She didn’t leave her pawprints,

She never made a sound.


But I know that she’s been there,

The evidence there still:

A little, wispy filament

Upon the window sill.



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tony sheridan

Mon 8th Oct 2012 12:06

Good one. Take care, Tony.

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Sat 14th Jul 2012 23:08

Short,sweet and soo effective

Robert Mann

Mon 30th Apr 2012 18:21

The cat's whiskers as opposed to the dog's ........ That is to say top of the tree for this effort (better call the fire brigade).

<Deleted User> (10241)

Mon 30th Apr 2012 06:16

Lovely poem Yvonne -
we have 2 cats and had 5 budgies flying free, if the birds fluttered near the cats they ran away terrified.
They have no problem with external wildlife whilst outside, however if they bring anything into the house they immediately ignore it. We had an escaped field mouse under our kitchen cupboards and no matter what I did the silly cat was backing off meowing like crazy to get away. They must have some sort of NATO pact of non aggression inside the house border!

<Deleted User> (6895)

Sun 29th Apr 2012 22:40


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John Coopey

Sun 29th Apr 2012 20:42

Cats don't do it for me, I'm afraid.
(But the poem does).

<Deleted User> (10260)

Sun 29th Apr 2012 16:11

Thanks , Yvonne. Reminds me of mt cats though my puppy susses they're arrival a mile off! Thank you too for your lovely comment on my poem. xx

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Lynn Dye

Sun 29th Apr 2012 10:47

Nice one, Yvonne. Cunning little critters, aren't they? Enjoyed. x

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