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The Quickening of Azreal

Between toll of five and six
he wakes her dawn with scythe
of his restless thoughts and sighs.
She joins him tourniquet in
the morn that keeps them forlorn
longing for the sun to rise.
Who will blink bright first?

So tired, so tired, so tired

She prays today is that day
A dement relief of the pain
time refuses to heal hollow. 
Stubborn clock ticks a reverse
making his absence far w...

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Also by Katy Megan Hughes:

Masquerade | Momento Mori |

love poetry Love lost


In the ground I sit



On the ground I stand



In dreams 

I am full of hips that sway side to side

Full of my own soul

Full of my weeping

Full of knowing.


Someone tries to take a scalpel to my curves –

Chop them off

Surgically remove them -

Angry that I represent 


the living breathing Earth,

swaying and undulating unde...

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zen anger gaia

Come off it Icarus Baby.

Oh I've left you fucked then?

A wingless bird in its middle age squaked to a chick with eager wings.

Never pitty the flightless ones,

The fucks cant fly!

But when Grav-bound wings throw shit into the sky,

The Icarus worshiping pride trash like me cant wait,

To fall dead and burning.

I lost in your book,

But in mine,

I was born to be a missile.

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Also by Corr Lens:

Whats Better? |

Kon nichi wa

A woman's voice calls out.

I walk dripping from the shower

to the bedroom.

Upon my bed a fresh white towel

lay folded


upon that- my phone.

It's her.


The ring-tone



I place the vibrating 'phone upon

the dresser

take the towel from the bed

and dry myself.

I lay on fresh sheets.

She calls again.

The Japanese voice enquires agai...

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

On stolen sheets | Request of a Lady | Her wet truth | Is | Vertices | Is this what borders do? |



A poet me!

Oh goodness no

I haven't got the wherewithal

but if you say you like the words

well then perhaps it could be so


I'll check the mirror on the wall

to see if I've the wherewithal.........

You know I think you have it right

you bring me shivers of delight


I must tell everyone I know

someone on Writeoutloud said so

A poet laur...

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Also by Philipos:


Bees & honey=lots of money

 These days indepth research is essential before considering taking up Apiculture, with its thousands of employees

Two bees flew into TESCO.
 while out at work one day
both tired...agreed to rest a while
 before they flew away
recovering on a checkout, 
glimpsed the price of passing honey
Jesus Christ they chorused...that's a lot of money
three pounds odd for half a pound...that's a huge...

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It was the time–the one and only time–
And never afterwards a  time again.

I sensed she was behind me, and I felt
Her desolate, enormous helplessness
With such a fierce compassion that it seemed
My very heart must claw out from my back
And leap the space between us…But, summoning
A strength from some cold fathom of the will,
Garrotted peace…Slowly I turned around
And, nodding curtl...

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Also by Harry O`N eill:

Don Juan in his decrepitude | School time | The floating voter song |


The twisted void you call your heart

would love me to give in

and speak the nothing true words

you try to put in my mouth.


But I won't-I don't take dives

I am the driver of myself

a witness to your souls sickness.


Only strangers willing to share kindness

keep me alive

on this journey according to your misguidance

through wastelands and deserts bereft of hori...

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The Tory Highwayman

Parody of Adam Ants "Stand and Deliver"

I'm the Tory highwayman who you're too scared to mention
I earn my cash from raising tax and sheer exploitation,
We will take your dole and cause bloody devastation!
The way things look nobody will qualify for next year's old age pension!

Stand and deliver your money or your life!
Doesn't it make you shiver, this tory way of life!

I'm the Tory h...

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Adam AntHighwaymanTony KasazkajaTories

Dha Kro’z Ov Al-bi-an

entry picture

Dha Kro’z Ov Al-bi-an

(Tak’n frum ‘Dha Book Ov Kro’z’)

Koww Koww Koww
Wit wich hurd mi ple -
Kum down in hur
sno dres fin’ery.

Koww Koww Koww
“Giv mi vois”, sez I,
“For Kro iz sik ov
ra’ging at gray ski”

Koww Koww Koww
“I wish mi song be hurd,
tune’ful as a
prit’i lit’l burd”
“No, No”, sa she
“Nev’ar such a thing -
for u ar blak ov hart -
as blak of wing”

“I se u on ...

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Also by Ian Whiteley:

The Song Of The Wandering | Once Upon A Time | National Wealth Service? |

bird songcrowscrows of albionearth magicfairy talefolkloremagic


I’d rather be a coward
than a liar, I suppose.
Then I might console myself
by thinking, well,
at least she knows.
I could play the lover
and she’d think her love secure;
but I cannot pretend I haven’t
fucked it up before.

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karaoke (05/29/2015)

Sung: from rung to rung
whiskey-oiled voices
pushing the greats out of their graves
climbed out of styx asylum on day passes
overstaying through the night.

Folded vocal cords,
cannbalized from others sooner fallen
drunk like bravery,
screaming for enlightenment
up into darker skies, daring
spitting, spraying blood and scar tissue
one more friday to stave off death:

Hope is an opiate. K...

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

Napkin 3 (5/23/15) | Sweetheart in A-Sharp (07/28/2011) | Captain Hook | cleanup (05/17/2015) | Solicitation (05/16/2015) | Mirror Prayer 2 (5/16/2015) | table scraps 2306 (05/07/2015) | slush time pun (05/06/2015) | Danny Nucci 0637 | Napkin Kiss 2 (05/03/2015) |

say it ain't say it ain't say it ain't so


You inoculated me, so I was immune to your love

Gave me just a taste then dried me up
Time and space coagulates in place 
Congealing and sealing everything you took away 
No more conscious volition I enter submission
Just outside my peripheral vision 
The sound of your hand saying goodbye is a wavelength 
I no longer hold flowers, I am just an empty vase  
And the music in ...

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Also by Chloe:

What Is Love |


You'll find them among most types of mob

With shuttered mind and open gob.

You'd be forgiven for wondering what they do for a living

When they prefer to be taking rather than giving.

They'll shout you down in your own small protest

And you think they might actually be seeking arrest

From the ranks of police that wearily try

To make sure the peace doesn't go too awry.


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Also by M.C. Newberry:


My Collections

entry picture

Currently on the cusp of discarding my next planned collection as pointless so thought I'd give these a last airing first, blow the dust off the shelf before retiring gracelessly 


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Also by Paul Sands:

sleep the sleep that hate permits | that secret |


Snail's Pace

I want to run, far far away

Where the grass is green, and the children play

Where the sun is beaming and the skies are blue

Where the days are longer and my dreams come true


If I could fast forward to that happier place

Perhaps ill feeling would disappear without a trace

Though If I cheated time, I might cheat myself

Perhaps challenges and realisations are encapsilations ...

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Also by Christian Reeve:

Doubt | Butterfly |

ContemplationHopeLifeSnail's PaceThe Future

Dear Doubtful

When you don’t know who to trust

And everyone feels so far away from you

Don’t let heavy thoughts force their way out of you

Hold still and don’t break down.


Among the crowd you’re not alone

Don’t break though tired of the deceit

Just look around and you will see

The lies you see are made by you


Don’t put the blame on anyone

You have a choice on what to see


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Also by Clive:

Wish | Perspective | Saturday | Can't Sleep | Integrity |

My debut poetry collection is now for sale!

entry picture

A Model Archaeologist, my debut poetry pamphlet, is available for sale on the Eyewear Publishing website. For £5 it would make for a great summer read! http://www.eyewearpublishing.com/products-page/books/model-arch/

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Also by Leilanie Stewart:

The Proletarian Poet part 3 |

A Model ArchaeologistEyewear Publishingpoetry collections



I'm not sure how we started
But you must've been part of the mass
The love that I've encompass
Also the love that has come to pass
You must've been a dream that I've dreamt of
Or a dream I've yet to realize
A fairytale concluding in "Happily Ever After."
A fictional account to my real life
A continuation of the semicolon
There of and there after
You're my beautiful disaste...

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Also by Smash Lee:

Last Letter | Your Voice | Constellations |


Standing close behind
She shudders in anticipation
For his commanding touch; but
He denies her such satisfaction
Only applying goosebumps to her skin
His hot breath teases increasing her adrenaline
Fingers hooking the straps of her top
Pulling over those soft shoulders
Drawing down ever slowly like molasses 
Cascading over skin on winter morning
The cloth rolls over nipples perked
As ...

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I’m boiling at 14 degrees

entry picture

I’m boiling at 14 degrees

I’m boiling at 14 degrees 
Where is the love of my life ,please

Washing drying
Dishes piled high
TV full of shit

Where is the love of life please?
I’m boiling at 14 degrees

Cigarette burning, wine pouring 
Litter over flowing
Where is the love of my life? 

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Also by David R Mellor:

I realised i was me | There is no party of the poor | A life laid out. | Shut Down | I voted conservative | X marks the spot , it will hurt |

To serve and neglect

entry picture


Next doors-again.

No sleep for me-again.

Coppers arrive,do nothing and go-again.

Man and wife thing-again.


Ambulance men arrive-again.

Sadly,after tonight,they won't ever need to come back-again.




© Patricia Wilde Wednesday 27th May 2015




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Oddball Magazine

Latest poems published: http://oddballmagazine.com/2015/05/26/two-poems-by-joseph-robert/

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oddball Magazineonline poetry magazinespoetry ezinespoetry magazines

Murder mile

entry picture


Rome lays bare its bones,

a body dissected for sightseers:

in a corner of the square, the spot in 44 BC

where the Senate met and Caesar fell.

Pillars, ruined temples, marble lavs

uncovered, for the cats to colonise.

Let developers

gnash their teeth in vain.   


In the nearby shadows of a back street

small shrine to politician Aldo Moro,

found in the boot of a...

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June Meeting

entry picture

Remember that our next meeting is a workshop, not a meeting! Sarah Butler, a successful author, will be enlisting our help to find The Heart of Stockport. Just bring paper and pencil (or bark and scraper if you prefer). Our work will be used in a text/textile project called Unpicked: Restitched, about which more can be found here: (https://unpickedrestitched.wordpress.com/).


Here is a litt...

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Also by Stockport WoL:

May Collage Poem |

Double Dark

Double Dark  


The ugliest thing I’ve seen was removed from my body

It was multi-layered different shades of brown and wet gray

It was a flesh-serving platter stacked high with dead tissue

I’m escaping skin again after eight years of recovering from

The last reincarnation of my ever-evolving soul and

Body has no choice but to come along and suffer in pain

Snakes do it in g...

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Also by J. Otis Powell‽ (with interrobang):

Until Rapture Melancholy | Brass Rings |

deceit is my custom

Deceit is my custom. I am the trophy of my home The joy giver to my family The honored and respected Gratified not hindered But yet I disappoint, In war with my thoughts and heart. It's exhausting When I try to step away from, from the smoldering fire It attracts me like looking at a cosmetic set in a magazine. The falsehood population is increasing, I try to cease this deed, so that I...

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(Written and performed yesterday at the wedding of my No1 daughter, Sarah, to Robert Shersby)


When people ask of me

What would you like to be

I think of all the dreams that I’ve had

I’d choose the perfect groom

Perhaps Orlando Bloom

Or Daniel Craig or even my dad;

Instead I am Bobby’s Girl

Here I am, Bobby’s Girl

But that’s OK cos I love him you see

I’m glad to b...

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Also by John Coopey:


Twilight of the Raven God

In the distance I see him there,
smile spreading cross face,
hate and fire filled eyes,
he will be my demise.

With a mighty roar,
he advances.
Earth shaking as he sprints,
My fate is sealed.

I spur my steed,
Steel my nerves,
Focus my eye on the Wolf,
Knowing I will die,
I am calm.
My aim is true,
I throw the Swaying One,
and the Wolf yelps in fury.

Blinded is he,
by spear and veng...

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Famous WolfFenrirFenris Wolf.GungnirHeathen PoetryOdinOne EyeRagnarok

RePlaCeMeNT bUs

On the replacement bus

Created a bit of a fuss

Told him the shuffling mass

Being guided

Onto the number eight

Were on a journey

Of 'Take That' Northern Cleansing

To meet their fate


The laugh he threw back

Hit my face

And we soon turned Into a disgrace

Whispering loudly

Over the seats

You told me

About Grinder

And I, you,

Of black pudding meats


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A Second Chance (For Terri)

I dreamt about you

last night

for the first time

in years.

You were in a hospital

or refuge

or somewhere

like that.

I climbed a rope

with a rose

between my teeth,

up three storeys

at dark blue midnight

to your bed,

slipped in beside you.

There was a man’s voice




and I felt the warmth

and the firmness

of yo...

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Memorial Day

entry picture








The following was written by
my niece Cynthia Smothers Carter
and is used with her permission.

But I have come to the conclusion that
it has always rained on Memorial day
and I have figured out why.

The rain is the tears of all our fallen
Soldiers past, present and future. 
Thank You for Your service and the
ultimate sacrifice You have m...

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Also by Shirley Smothers:

Hidden Acrostic Poem |



"Today”, introduced us

 She greeted in zealous voice

 I shook hands too;

 Keeping at my poise


Innate was her halo

I unzipped my rucksack

Hers’ was unexplored story

Mine was a setback


Grief is beyond abyss

I can’t prune in verve

She shuddered me & said

“Ah!! You never had the nerve”


Novice and yet-to-come

She had sheath of my wisdom

While I s...

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Also by Juhi Gupte:

He too had a dark side |

#life #time

A Petal Flutters

A petal flutters spirralling

Through the upper air

Like a breath upon a snow drop

Or a sigh upon a care
Frequent a domain of ages
Bestow your presence there
Gently light your scented candle
To show that you're aware
You see i've always loved you
An inheritance to share
Like a gift from all our ancestors
Of their collective love we bear

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Also by Mark Hallam:

My Gilded Benign Senses |

I can

I drink, I smoke, I swear, I curse

I help, I soothe, I ease, I nurse

I bag, I satchel, sling, and purse

I'm loud, subdued, verbose and terse

(I don't even know what that's supposed to mean)

I write, scribble, doodle, 

Using my noodle

But I sure as hell just cannot verse.


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school field

in a world of false opposites
where very little has meaning
I pick at the word angst

first in the german
- then in translation
and back to the root cause

the necrotic neurons of neurosis
and dally in denial
at the prettiness of daisy chains

bitten lipped slit and threaded
and threaded by girls in summer dresses
cross legged
   they show the V of their knickers



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Also by jeremy young:

birth of a nation | alive | cinders | you have to be fair | father forgive me | 6.10 | roots | lunch on the go | thirty years | 56 | posing | ists | sketch | waiting for bombs | thug racists | bedsit | english carnival | after an early supper | on the royal birth | may | the dying wish of the shaman | twitter poems |

nr. 2

Humanity She is bound. Held down by the hands of many, all exclaiming innocence whilst the gagged girl lies fragile fallen flawless, in all but reputation. Meaty hands grope her broken body, caving into primitive desire that destroys virgin innocence, peace defunct.

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Also by Lauren den Besten:

nr. 1 |



I hear you in my statements and see you in my face, Constantly I search for this place that doesn't exist, Where I was of worth to you, Instead I am an obstacle in your path, You have chosen to discard me all in the name of love, Or so it would appear, but it is clear it is only your fear that has left me here, In a disarray feeling betrayed, because of you I never measure up, You taught me ...

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Also by Nick Michaelian:

Bridge | Now She Knows |

Alan (Henning)

Its Saturday night at the taxi rank

street angels are steering girls to the cabs;

legs over tits like a Picasso and

it’s wild, and it’s laughter, and songs are buzzin’.


So can you hear the people weeping?

can you see the children dying?

All you knew was love, Alan, all you knew was love

as you drove your taxi through this world.


And the laughter and the love in t...

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Hung out to Dry

entry picture

Altitudes unfigured

Adroitly measured

Doubling in the distance


Peering into scenes

From ancient books


Ripening in prophesises

Trespassing on our future


Buried under bent grass


Hung high even now

Even in the shadows


Creaking into silence

Like going out to your own funeral

Left out to dry.



(For Michael Gove - wrote after readi...

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something i must hide

Breasts are something to be ashamed of, something to hide,
Yet something that a kid will suck on just to stay alive!
Something everyone once depended on once in their life
Yet something evil, something I must hide
A man's nipples are useless and yet just fine
The woman's are lewd tho to a hungry baby divine

To wear one layer of clothing!
A sin God forbid despite the sweltering heat
The s...

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Silent Killer

They made you feel so wanted. 
They took your heart and bathe it on roses
They caress your old scars with kisses 
Make you believe there’s nothing else more beautiful than their existence.

They look into your eyes and touch your soul
They make you crave for them more
They say one word and it vibrates your heart in whole 
Make you fantasize you and them growing old.

They made you feel l...

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Also by Qadriya.S:

I guess I'm afraid to love you | Deny | The lying wasn't good enough. | Demon I can't live without | You came in right after he broke my heart. | Rehab | You | Serendipity |

Summer Worries

The warm and jolly streams of wind 

Are finding paths all through my hair

Just to escape the summer sun

And hope that it won't find them there.


They played this game all through my past,

But for today I couldn't care.

I have a problem on my mind 

Thant won't disolve in boiling air.


I dream of rest for broken minds.

I dream of peace inside my head.

The one I ...

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anxietylost realitysummer

Severed Connection

The connection between us
The communicating
The friendship
The love
The joy
It seems entirely gone
Just like our form of communicating
Or the internet
Or soon, my silver chord
Which holds my soul onto this plane of existence
This unbreakable cord
Just like the red string
Just like me
Has been severed

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Also by Narset Yves-Serge (Torc/Shiek):

To Live Dead | A Broken Mind, a Sound Body |



entry picture

You say that I'm a dreamer

and so I may well be

but the dreams I have

aren't just for me,

they're for you and all to see.


The dream is of love,

of life free from harm,

a dream of peace and

shelter from the storm.


The dream is the lifeblood

flowing deep in our veins,

the dream will always be

for all to see

and all that remains.


The dream is t...

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Aionios Charis by Danny Metcalfe.



“Metcalfe weaves rich, earthy imagery with vast dreams of the cosmos. He explores the inner through the outer, provoking visions of eternity, gracefully leading the reader through the edge of the solar system into the infinite abyss and back into the depths of the ocean bed. Love is emphatical...

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Have you ever thought about this girl?

The girl that does her hardest to please you

To go out of her way.

To take a fall to take a shot

But all you do it block her out

Hurt her to the point of no returning.


She decided that being silent is the best way.

No one will bring her to her knees

Making her want someone to see.

What exactly she needs.

The silence t...

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Also by Hannah Metsker:

Not mine | Mad | Remember | Unsteady |


Take hands and march

entry picture

A protest song I wrote recently. It fits to the "Prince of Denmark's March".

Out with a world of contracts to cheat us
Out with the lords who hoard their gold
Out with a world of sanctions to leave us
Starving in the cold

Take hands and march to show
Our strength shall grow
And we shall not fail
Take hands and let them know
Society is not for sale

These are the dreams of safety and j...

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Also by Marnanel Thurman:

Fire and ice-cream |

Falling apart

You were supposed to be my knight in shining armour

You were supposed to prove them all wrong

Cause back then you were young, and dumb, and stupid

But now you are old enough

To know that you can’t be out here breaking hearts

I guess that’s where we fell apart

I was too busy trying to protect us

And you just didn’t care at all

Making me look foolish over and over again


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alonefoolishfuck yougrew strongerheartbreaklove poetryplatonic friends

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