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Have you ever thought about this girl?

The girl that does her hardest to please you

To go out of her way.

To take a fall to take a shot

But all you do it block her out

Hurt her to the point of no returning.


She decided that being silent is the best way.

No one will bring her to her knees

Making her want someone to see.

What exactly she needs.

The silence t...

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Not mine

Different stories 

Different people

haven't you heard of me?

I've heard of you though..

I've seen you smile and cry.

But it seems like you haven't noticed me.

I was there long before.

I was there when you needed held.

I hold your hand in the dark.

But its been so long.

Distance tore us apart.

But it's sad how it came back together.

And now I'm in holding reach.


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break upgood byelove


I've became so mad at myself for giving in

To what I want

Thinking it would be the greatest time

In my life

But oh no

What a dissappointment

I should have walked away

For you, to play a game that you hate being played.

Play in on me and my heart

Just to get the saticifaction of your unhealthy habit

Like you enjoy living in your dark habitat.

Like an animal holding ...

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Remember all the times we had?

Holding my hands in the wind

Listening to our music

I did what I could to make you proud

But don't you dare forget

How horrible you made me feel.

I gave you my life and soul

My heart in hand and everything that could be imaginable.

Just to break me on our anniversary.

And lead me on like a little toy of yours.

Remember when I...

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Fire cracks through the wind, is this what I am here for?

This fire is my soul and it seems to be dying so slowly.

Griping my very own seat of a rollercoaster hoping this ride could come to a calm.

This unsteadily feeling that I keep getting whenever I get close to you.

Its so dangerous for my heart.

Even though I feel like fighting for my broken soul..

It keeps being dragged awa...

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sad love

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