You'll find them among most types of mob

With shuttered mind and open gob.

You'd be forgiven for wondering what they do for a living

When they prefer to be taking rather than giving.

They'll shout you down in your own small protest

And you think they might actually be seeking arrest

From the ranks of police that wearily try

To make sure the peace doesn't go too awry.

Having said that the street scene's so often akin

To the dangerous days seen in pre-war Berlin

When the socialists were fascists in all that they did

And woe betide a victim that they could call "Yid".

Watch out for the punch or that kick to the knee

You may not see coming in the usual melee,

As the Socialist Shirkers in full fragrant voice

Determine that nobody else has a choice

Of what is the right way for folk to behave,

And remind us that some still belong in a cave!






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M.C. Newberry

Sat 20th Jun 2015 15:50

David - using the word "mob" in the context, it is defined as a "disorderly crowd of people" and since "disorder"
crosses a range of behaviour - from obscenely vocal to the physically offensive - my own observations place the "SS"
among the more easily inflamed assemblies with
political overtones when lapses into violence become
frequent - and more effectively orchestrated.
More placid causes that provide little opportunity for their
rabble-rousing antics have little attraction for them but
these are outnumbered by the rest that we see on the
streets, especially here in the capital.
Finally "most types of mobs" allowed me some pleasing
alliteration to catch the eye in the opening line. If you
think of it as artistic licence, I won't object.

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Harry O'Neill

Fri 5th Jun 2015 20:43

The reasons for the growth of the benefit - dependent under-class include:

The decision of Thatcher government to neglect the manufacturing side of the economy and go for the the
financial service option after globalisation.

The discovery of North sea oil, which enabled them to pay reasonable benefits to the consequent manually unemployed.(remember those posters of the long dole queues?) As we changed to a mainly service economy.

The deliberate collusion of the government in turning a blind eye to the ease of people going on to benefits like
invalidity etc; (I can personally attest to this) for the purpose of reducing the (vote losing) unemployment
figures, while all this was happening. (this is now freely
admitted by the parties)

The service sector was `betrayed` by the financial arm, and there is now a dire need of a robust manufacturing
arm to rescue it...hence the benefit cuts to force people back to any sort of work. (and save the money).

We now seem to be in the ludicrous situation of so many extra workers that the productivity level is sagging.
Plus that the `strong` pound is doing us no good at all.
Not only that,, but if many of the new workers are also on some kind of benefit, then the government is
subsidising this weak productivity.

Despite the fact that - in my opinion -we have not yet seen any real austerity (where is it?) two internationally
respected financial watchdogs have, this week, urged the government to go easier as we move ahead. Yet
the government is still talking gung ho.

We don`t want a benefit dependent any-class of able-bodied or brained worker (benefits are for the needy)
What we need (and want) is a more equable salary
and wage system... things are too disparite.

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John Coopey

Sun 31st May 2015 22:48

Hello MC,
I like the line "shuttered mind and open gob".
Having lit the blue touch paper I think you might have to stand well back!

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Tommy Carroll

Sat 30th May 2015 10:18

Cynthia I'm disappointed.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 29th May 2015 15:09

Thanks Cynthia - I note your point about the line you
mention. The rhythm is there but your suggestion makes
it even tidier and whilst I'd like to have included the full
title in the content, I'll go for it!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 29th May 2015 11:24

This has some good lines, and many points well made.

Try the fourth from last line without 'Party', and I think you will be delighted.

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