You wanted to go to a cliff and scream your lungs out but you realized there’s no voice coming out. 

You feel an ache in your heart, the kind where you felt it ripped slowly but you don’t know why. 

You wish to voice out those aching but there’s no words to describe. 

You’re surrounded by oh so many people and yet you feel you’re the only one alive.

You listened to sad songs to make yourself cry but your eyes were dry. 

You looked at others and hope for them to realize but they continue talking like there’s no pain in your eyes. 

You shut yourself so tight, altar ego have conquered every bits of yourself and then you started to lie. 

You’re stuck in between loving someone and hurting another one that made you feel like a heartless cunt. 

You have no mind of how the world is spinning around, for you its seems like its going upside down. 

You are just tired of taking care of hearts, you don’t realize that your own heart is tearing apart.


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