In the Public Record Office down in Kew

Is a report to interest me and you.

Scottish nationalists back in World War Two

Made an approach to you-know-who;

To gain advantage of their choosing

In case the Allies looked like losing.

Scots nationalists sought a Nazi deal

To protect their interests (this was real !)

Just in case the English lost

And Hadrian's Wall was there to be crossed

By the conquering Germanic hordes,

Scots nationalists planned their own accords.

I'm reminded of the tiger's stripes

Whenever I hear those nationalist pipes

And wonder what's planned for me and you

By these diehard disciples of Merkel's EU.








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M.C. Newberry

Tue 12th May 2015 17:27

The undisputed intention of the SNP today is an "independent Scotland".
In short, the same aim of those described by the
German Minister in Dublin to Berlin in WW2 as the Scottish Independence Movement.
In 1940 and again in 1943, radio messages sent to
Berlin (deciphered by British codebreakers in
Berkeley Street, London) called for a German-Scottish
Alliance" and made various proposals in pursuit of a Scottish republic that are a matter of public record.
Fact is often far more interesting than fiction.

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 12th May 2015 10:03

75 years ago heh? hmm... 75 years before that the speed limit was 2mph and the Liberals won the election hahaha.

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