It comes in waves, 

The ones morning sun shines 

over in silence, 

It begins with shallow breathes, 

Then the sorrow creepes 



And with her hands, 

She brushed her cheeks in 


Loathing the tears cascading 

towards the sand.

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She looked me in the eye and utter these words within

“I am gay and I made peace with it”

I saw the pain in her eyes as she dove into my skin

I felt my heart shattered, suffering


“I’m in love with you”, I orates

She nod her head with a grin on her face

“Seems like you don't believe me”, I stated

With seconds non to spare, she conceded


Arrows and bows I felt she ow...

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Rainbows and Sunshine

Skin so soft, feather like beauty

I trace your face with my fingertips

Your gaze drowns me in pool of emotions, 

I can’t barely breathe


Empty space with blissful silence

Feels like home with your presence

On a faraway island

Caught in whirlwind, when we’re kissing


Serendipity, it must be 

I stumbled upon perfect picture of everything

Somewhere deep within


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They never told you how lonely it would be

To walk on your own, losing touch to people you know

They never told you how lonely it would be

To sleep on a bed, with no one holding you close


They never told you how lonely it would be

To speak out loud, but no one’s listening

They never told you how lonely it would be

To be with someone, with faded feelings


They never...

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I gave you my heart, love
For I have given you my soul
I have never doubted our love
For I have loved you more

I dreamt no other man than you
To hold my father’s hand one day
Take his daughter as your wedded wife
To care and love till the end of life

But you’ve doubted my love
I had loved you unconditionally
You’ve taken me for granted
I stayed through the seconds my heart was break...

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Dear love, 
I just didn’t wanna go numb 
My heart was filled with love so true 
Such clarity and fantasy 
I just didn’t wanna loose you. 

Dear love, 
My heart has seek for seconds with you 
And your touch caressing my soul
As your fingers brush across my spine 
So your lips will eventually touches mine
Oh I just didn’t have the time 
To dream of others except you as mine. 

Dear lov...

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Silent Killer

They made you feel so wanted. 
They took your heart and bathe it on roses
They caress your old scars with kisses 
Make you believe there’s nothing else more beautiful than their existence.

They look into your eyes and touch your soul
They make you crave for them more
They say one word and it vibrates your heart in whole 
Make you fantasize you and them growing old.

They made you feel l...

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I guess I'm afraid to love you

I put on my mask when I woke up in the morning.

The silent grins and the innocent eyes.

Filtering the truth I feared could dry the sea,

I smiled and laughed, they thought I never cry.

Through the reflection, I saw myself.

I stared at those eyes and sometimes I don’t know who it was.

My heart would’ve repel itself from this body, if it has the chance to succeed.

Like a bir...

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You deny the truth that you love.

You deny the truth that you’re insane. 

You deny the truth that you’re murdering your inner self.

You deny the truth that you want the unthinkable, 

cos you know you’re crazy

and you don’t mind.

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The lying wasn't good enough.

You tell yourself its fading
You convinced yourself that you don’t need them
Some people believed you
Some people don’t give a damn.

You tell yourself you’re fine
You dressed your smile like a dime
Your eyes were teary but no one realized
Who gives a fuck about what you hide?

You quinched your fist 
Thump it against your chest
You wanted the pain
You know you need it. 

You tell y...

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Demon I can't live without

Looking at you is like looking at myself in the mirror. Only that you’re the demon in me where I wanted to cast away. But then again, you are also the drugs I can’t live without.

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You came in right after he broke my heart.

You came in right after he broke my heart
The crack was too wide for you to mend 
You came in right after he broke my heart
I dragged you across the yard to feel my pain.

You gave me your all just to make me feel secure
I can see love written all over your eyes
You bathe me in those eyes everyday
And yet all I could give was just a piece of my heart. 

You tried to fill the crack in my ...

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"It's like you built a mountain of cocaine for me to get addicted to but then you put me into rehab for snorting in one line."

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You wanted to go to a cliff and scream your lungs out but you realized there’s no voice coming out. 

You feel an ache in your heart, the kind where you felt it ripped slowly but you don’t know why. 

You wish to voice out those aching but there’s no words to describe. 

You’re surrounded by oh so many people and yet you feel you’re the only one alive.

You listened to sad songs to make yo...

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You’re like a perfect picture of everything
Your mind, your laugh
That genuine smile 
You’re like a breath of fresh air
So pure, curable
It’s insane how you made me feel 
You want me to believe I’m sane. 

I almost lost in all hopes
Love, life, happiness in whole
It was a downfall, endless hole
Somehow you came into my life 
And proved the world isn’t that bad after all.

Your words ...

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