To Live Dead

The child wasn't abused
No, not abused
That seems like too much
Too harsh a description
More so punished
"Punished" is how they put it
But he didn't know any better
So he kept following along
As blind to his own eyes
As deaf to his own voice
As unfeeling of his own emotions
He couldn't stop the feelings
For he wasn't the one to cause them
No, he could never do that
He never knew most of the emotions
that we experience day to day
He could only feel ones that he knew all of his life
And this was all started as a child
Where he could not change anything
Where he would try his best
And be punished for it
By his father
By his brother
By his uncles
By his family
But he didn't know any better
He started to love
Once he was shown it
He started to find joy
Once he found the way
One could say he found enlightenment
But he would respond with
"At what cost?"
His family treated him poorly
His friends were nonexistent
To many he seemed depressed
Or even insane
He hated everyone
And he had to let
Just one person in
One person to help him
But to let that one in
Required him to cut large walls of ivy
Feet of thick, steel chains
Multiple locks that he lacked the keys for
Yet still he made it
Through that door
That heavy wooden door
But that moment
It changed him forever
Some say that his old self has died
But he
He says that he is living dead


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