You’re like a perfect picture of everything
Your mind, your laugh
That genuine smile 
You’re like a breath of fresh air
So pure, curable
It’s insane how you made me feel 
You want me to believe I’m sane. 

I almost lost in all hopes
Love, life, happiness in whole
It was a downfall, endless hole
Somehow you came into my life 
And proved the world isn’t that bad after all.

Your words are so inspiring 
No longer about the collar you’re wearing
Or the money you’re earning 
Nor it was the past you’ were in
Its just your words
The way you look at flaws and imperfections
So much passion 
Such a perfection.

That’s how you describe it 
The fact we used to believe it never exist 
And the fact now we both knew it did
It’s insane. 
And you’re amazing.


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