A Broken Mind, a Sound Body

My head hurts

My eyes are spinning

My heart lies on the floor
You really really hurt me
I still don't comprehend
Why you walked out the door
Sure I might have been too forward
But you didn't say a thing
All I asked from the very beginning
Was to let me show my wings
But now the joys are hidden
And you left me in a room
Where I've been crying over you
As if it were certain doom
Sure, I no longer love you
Yes, that fact is true
But I still want to hold your hand
And be a part of this crew
Loving you was painful
Yet blissful all the way
How can the things you never had
Still hurt when they fly away
I felt abandoned by you
Thrown out onto the streets
My family never saw it coming
The red stains on my sheets
Somehow I have died
But I am still alive
My soul is all that I've lost
When it took a fatal dive
The blood on my walls are my fault
I hurt myself over you
But I never killed myself
That truth keeps coming true
But your bullets cannot hurt me
Nor your ability to see
What hurts the most is in my heart
Because you have set me free  


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To Live Dead ►


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