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Drewton Tunnels

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Fourteen was a magical summer, sun hotter than

Any summer since, grass more green and more intense,

Green in the nose, as well as in the eyes,

And the chalk brighter and more white, even, than the fluffy clouds

Piled like confectionery on the horizon,

The sky bluer, and your adolescent girlfriend

More achingly beautiful every day,

Breasts bu...

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Matrimony Rap | An English Hairbag Foresees His Death | Scar Tissue |


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shredding body.


eye lost

gut exposed.


intrusive white hot metal

grips the innards.





to the scream of,


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Think poem



Do you want to renounce violence against other people on a personal scale and on an international level, where countries are bombed and shelled? This isn't good, people are injured and die. Think what happens if I hit someone and kill him with one punch, this does happen. If a mortar falls and kills a dozen people in a busy market place.


What does it solve? Each person...

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poem on a sunken ship | pagan poem | poem on my ex and a decade on when we passed 1 another | poem i read live at blouse band gig opening for them | poems i read at Scribble Fest, Rochdale July 2011 |




drifts feather like

in wisps of air as

tufts of hair from


gone to seed

these ideas come

to me at dead

of night when

startled from my

sleep i seek a pen


i know of course

that when my drowsy

mornings come such

thoughts will flit

elusively as fluff

owls call clearly

at this hour

sat on isolated

lofty bow...

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Also by Philipos:




(a tele-ad love tale)


Why do you think I love you, sweet?

Do you think it`s the sway of your hips as you walk,

Or the toss of your hair?

Do you think it`s your far off forest-of autumn eyes that make me care,

Or the calm of your voice as you talk –

Do you think it`s your loveliness laid me at your feet?


Just what do you think love...

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silly housework poem (warning - contains the word bugger;)

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I’ve lived here now three years and more


Don’t look as good as it did before


The skirting board has all gone fuzzy


The colour’s dulled, the corners muzzy


I’ve filled the place with loads of stuff


Heaven knows I’ve got enough


They say that after several years


The dust bunnies get bigger...

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Also by Ann Foxglove:

diamante ghost | diamante love | by your leave | no place like home | white knights | whitechapel ladies | wind in the chimney | carrion |


9 months and counting.

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Slightest touch ignites. Flames flourish within. Agonising. If I could I would skip to the next obscene moment and re-wind play re-wind play re-wind. I can feel it brewing. Not long now. The next one will make me flutter and not fall. The drought continues.

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The Clyde Paddle Steamers

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Memory as clear as a perfect summer;

two-funnelled steamship, day trip

to Inverary. Pier to pier under fug

of smoke; going below

to watch engine cranks turn mesmerically;

on the way back people on deck

singing to an accordion band.


Most of the Clyde paddle steamers

scattered or scrapped. One lay berthed

on the Thames, lost. Just

the cash-strapped Waverley,


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ClydePaddle steamers

back hander

not throwing the baby out

out with the bath water

'speak tongue's lash

on the naked buttocks of silence'

reality delivering a back hander

on the jaws of half truths


flocking in multitudes to those places

there to be fed on sexist doctrines

men clinging to the pulpit

reviling women for the menstrual cycle

preaching messages of subjugation



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Men and tears



Macho Reluctant

Hiding Submerging Suppressing

Sadness     Joy   Failure      Celebration

Feeling   Crying   Weeping

Liberated Emotional


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Also by Dave Bradley:

LMF | A Walk with Asylum Seekers | The wee men and the bin man |


confrontational history


if we looked at history
on a multi-plane spreadsheet
and compared the goings on
in each particular era
we shall find that at any given
period, no matter the advancement
there inevitably at a cost lay revealed
atrocities, genocides, discrimination
prejudices, and a lack of conscience
that marks the brute in humans
poets have also been present
ever alert on the front-lin...

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Know who i am.

come into me
fold yourself and feel me
sink yourself to my depths
and try to swim
swallow your own sickness
and try to breathe
come into me
see who i am and
still remain
be who i am and
try not to break
be what i need
and try to stay
come into me
and know me.

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Also by Kath Hewitt:

Pea - COCK | Untitled | Hurt |

Back home

Walked 'round the town where I was born and bred

Places changed, friends gone, some dead,

Fading ghosts of streets that were home to me

Where I'd played as a child, young and fancy-free

The glow of the smiles that used to be

On the faces of friends I knew.

Wraiths of ships built on the river there

Faint echoes of their horns on the misty air

Phantom sha...

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Also by John Embley:

Memorial for EAW | Eye of the Beholder | I close my eyes | Blues for a Mog |





Yvonne has a daughter.

Yvonne has a son.

Beccy will be a teacher.

Thomas is number one.


Thomas likes a drink.

He drives Yvonne to the shrink.

Yvonne drinks wine.

She makes Gary gind.


Yvonne mops the floor.

Yet Gary asks for more.

Yvonne cooks the meals.

Gary knows how she feels.


Yvonne does a good turn.

She p...

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Also by Jules Clare:

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no flannel

I’m not one to linger

I’m an altogether more perfunctory

“in and out”

kinda guy

ten minutes tops

and a quick wipe

that’s me


no champagne

no candles

no sir


but still it surprises me

for all my haste

how the unctuous

stresses & strains of the day

dissolve and melt away

in those few steamy moments

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Also by Banksy:

the King and I | her dream |

Welcome back

The Prague spring is a well known thing, but its summer burns intensely and all is overheated.

The last time I was here was long ago, and I think it was October, I’m sure it was October.

I have no elaborate plan, but the plan is elaborate enough: I really need a holiday, really need to chill

and relax and drink coffee and go to the gym, but also wild adventures with the characters I...

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Also by Dermot Glennon:

The song of the existence of matter | Building the future |

Social Observations

Minor Sin

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(.......and now for something completely different.....)


The mission’s not impossible; it is not even hard;

I just enact the script for Him - a player, nothing more;

It’s happened in the future once it’s become His Word,

Which is to purge creation of the Babylonian Whore.


She worms her way through history, corrupted to the core;

In Adam’s fated fall fro...

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Also by John Coopey:

The Fairies in the Backs | The Ghost of White Hart Lane | Boots | No Better Ending | Costa Coffee | Senlac Hill |

When I Let Go

 A guiding light to illuminate the way

I’ll follow the light to seal my fate
The spirit of me to reawaken.
Yesterday I let go of what I am today
I hold the key to unlock the gate
To change the path that I have taken.
Today I accomplished what I set out to do
With ambition I set out the program
There’s always a choice you see.
Tomorrow I set ...

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Jayne Fontaine

entry picture


Jayne Fontaine was not to blame

It was surely Auntie Mable

That let the baby crack its head

Under the kitchen table

And as the screams filled up the house

And spilled on to the street

Jayne ran around to garden to

Be sure the first to meet

The neighbours and the gathering throng

So perplexed and concerned

And horrified and angry at

What each in...

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Also by Christopher Dawson:

A price worth paying? | Style icon | A World away | Incucumbent | Engendered Resolution! | Behind many successful men... |

Visitation (For The Ghost Theme)

It must have been
a suggestion of some
small quality
that attracted you.

Did I talk in my sleep,
ask for you,
ask for your company?


I doubt it, yet,
I cannot deny
here you are
beside me,
whether in dream
or day.
I am tied
to your intensity.
You the appealing
carrier of legend.
And somewhere,
lives a dragg...

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Festival time

It's been such a very few short days

since our last intimate embrace,

Yet I can say with an urgent truth

the thing I've missed most is you.

The strain I've felt in that alien place,

How I've suffered for what I'd to do,

left with an ache I can hardly stomach,

and a pressure too great to tolerate.

The colourful pageantry delighted me,

the music, dancers and cl...

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Today I didn’t change the world


Today I didn’t change the world at least not very much

I did not win the lottery nor save some other’s life

But on my way I tried to help the few that I did touch

By finding hope in poetry when hopelessness was rife.

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Also by Mark Mr T Thompson:

Do you have to dress smart to make wise? | I only had one humbug | Poverty is a poor excuse for a paucity of poetry, |

I Heard Her Sigh By The Fireplace

She set her glass

On the mantelpiece

And fixed her eyes on the flame.


The courage of the coal

As it flicked and sniggered.

The madness of its desperation

She percieved as genius.


But something was not right.

She gulped her wine

Too enthustiastically

Forced the cigarette

Into submission.


She had to walk away.

The heat was just...

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Sleeping too much,

Thinking about the spaces

Hiding between words 

And trying to get



But it comes

With eyes wide shut,

Navigating those long

Corridors and buying

Clothes from empty



It beats down

On us, and we rub 

At our eyes, trying 

To see through those

Dancing flourscant 


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Also by Hayden:

Delicate | Bedtime | Cutt and Pastels | Gnomes |


'So sad WAS I' by John Harrison

'So Sad WAS I'


I dialled a number

A soft voice spoke

And talked gently

I spoke tentatively at first

But then...

Not so hurried

This voice filled me with care

It comforted me

That I could be heard

Listening intently

Ever so gently

A voice of understanding

At last!...

A short time passed

As I gasped but...

The pain

The pain...

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John Harrisonsuicidethe Samaritans

'ThePoetry Spoke' wol member- Guest Poet- The Super Stella Jones! Open mic- £20 prize!

entry picture


'ThePoetry Spoke'

Great poetry and acoustic music night-

Wednesday night-  8pm!


La Gondola 

22a Liscard Crescent

Wallasey- The Wirral

CH44 1AE   (a stones throw over the Mersey from Liverpool)


Our Guest Poet

‘Stella Jones’

WOL member, published in several anthologies and a major contributor to  Different Ages, Different Walks- poetry collect...

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You've got attachment issues, kid,

and I can't take this hat off my head:

we're beginning to make eye contact.


Seven pairs of shoes you've worn today;

I'm breaking out of The First Aid Box

into the parallel play area.


Your hair stands up on the trampoline

like Harpo Marx in the kitchen clock;

I wonder if we're catching you in time.


Let's see...

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To celebrate the birth of Andy's & Kathryns first child 





Welcome to Sylvia Yoshi Yates


For you, your whole life awaits


To be instructed by Kathryn and Andy Yates


A pair, that Ann and I can call mates.



Sylvia means “from the forest”: will you be tall?


Yoshi means “quiet”, a quality considered n...

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Also by Ian G Smith:

21.00 Hrs. 8th October 2010 |

ian smith





          Atmospheric pressure above the

Marsh-mellow clouds make spectacular wishes

Of the universe – and for a moment,

If we grab the tail and never let go,

We’d have chance upon escape.


     We could snatch it,

Cling on – our dear life and play

Amongst the stars,

We could fly like fantasy

The greats; Capricorn, Virgo, Le...

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Also by Noetic-fret!:

Storm Theory | OPERATION | Win Win Win Till Money Kills All | The British Have Soured | 38 Degrees | Crimson Plains | I Am Woman | Lost Effort |



I'd cut my hands on His porcelain features

claw the heart from my chest

Too far drawn to be real

too plain to be of interest

As it kicks within my ribcage

He echoes in my mind

The loss of someone like me

I never could quite find


I'm falling through obvious gaps

stumbling through life


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This is a poem about trying to explain to a hairdresser what a Performance Poet is.

entry picture

Bits of amazingness from you are falling
Into gaps of a divorcee’s laminate flooring
Residue from the great stud that is you
Are being severed to the tones of La Roux

Yeah, some bitch is standing there mowing
The hair you spent all your free time growing
As you patiently sit, no complaints to be heard
Generosity - just isn’t the word.

The great debates you have, as follicles spl...

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Ocean's Edge

entry picture

Standing on the edge of an ocean shore
on the sand shimmer surface of the swell;
my arms thrown out wide to the water’s roar,
I listened for the tolling of the bell.
Strange screeching birds were circling overhead;
“Into the water, if you dare!” they cry.
It felt as if my life hung on a thread;
“What if it’s cold or too rough?”, I reply.
Then a wind like a hammer hit my back

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Also by Alan Morrison:

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like it's the last time
you'll ever hear me say
I love you.

And pretend that last summer
wasn't the nightmare you remember,
that all pretty girls grow up
in pretty dresses
and Daddy loves them a life time.

So smile.
Never remember this night,
or the shocking realization
that all little girls grow up
to be whores or worse...

Fools in love with fools.

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New Gig This Sunday

Sunday 23rd August
Alain English features at the Bardaid Festival with Rhythmical Ravings and Rants
Upstairs at the Camden Eye
2 Kentish Town Road
London NW1 (opposite Camden Town tube station on the Northern Line)
Gig starts at 8pm
Tickets £5
For more details see http://www.rrrants.com/

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Girl in a Lake


on heavy eyes the full moon cast gilded shadows

swan path shafting seductive to the shore where

she dropped her clothes and entered liquid light

jewelled feet icy lustrous pale arms high uplifted


now wide eyes of unwavering clarity enraptured

dream-wooing  dream-possessed  she sank gleaming

to her knees in the bitter midnight water open palms

thrust upwar...

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Also by Cynthia Buell Thomas:

Ocean Thoughts | Cats |


"Love You Millions" A Cut-Up Type Poem

entry picture

I created this poem using a very rigid cut-up inspired technique of going through an article in a women's magazine and only deleting words. I kept all of the text in the same order as in the article and didn't add anything or change any tenses etc.



Love You Millions


I don’t know what was harder

Being told

Or having to explain it

“I’m poorly”

But you’re ...

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Also by Gemma Lees:

Quoting Mikey Wong: "Poetry Is Gay" |

Ghosts of Rivington Moor

entry picture

Ghosts of Rivington Moor


On a clear day from this windswept range

your eyes can see as far as the coast

and the mountains of North Wales

in heavy rain they can see little worth talking about

blindfolded by a dismal blanket of cloud


Centuries ago these hills were ablaze

warning of invasion from foreign lands

it’s pike still stands in solitary recogniti...

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Ticket to Ride (Blackpool Mystery)

entry picture
 Random moments
bring portals of memories.

Random moments

bring fragments of peace.

On dust covered dunes

lost in the drones of the sea,

or looking at you

looking aimslessly out of the window.

Watching Candy Floss

dance across the sea.

Listening to bus wheels

stutter like stray thoughts.

Looking for seagulls

like ...

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American Man..

I meet a american he was a warm genuine friendly man

He drank wine and smoked a few telling me how his life spanned

White beard and wisdom both gained over time

I wish i had a life time to get to know this guy..


One fleeting connection may be never again

But who knows,



Or even when


I hope that someday I'll meet the american man again.... 


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I see the smoke is shifting I see the veil is lifting And there's an itching in the providence. Where love is missing. Them looks are menacing No longer dosed on bogus medicine Feel like a veteran I'm wartorn stuck in these malevolant ages. These awakening stages Giving way to these nations Showing evident rages. Ive been flipping them pages Ancient knowledge in traces Prophresisin...

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Meadow Melody

Chewing the cud unperturbed by the world in the heat’s haze,

Up in the meadow tread red-polled, old, dun cows and brown cows,

Jerseys and Guernseys combining with Holsteins, all fine beasts.


All summer long in the strong, blinding sunshine, the kine graze,

Nibbling the timothy, fescue and rye grass, that high grass

Hiding the hollows, where tussocks of sedge deck the m...

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Also by C Richard Miles:

Traffic Thoughts | Tewit Nesting |

Death of a Thistle (part2)

entry picture

The sun subsides.

Cold wind rides the waves, across the sea.

Cruel to her.

Darkness starved of light.

She, fights to survive.

Harsh pains of ovewhelming rains, and frosty dawns.

Winter scorns her.

She withers, to stem as petals fall to soils too hard to nourish,

or flourish from.

Long gone summer showers.

Warm rays of empowering long days.

She recalls...

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Also by Amy McCawley:

Birth of a Rose (part1) | Life's Rain | Waiting room |

Political Statement - The Latest Decree

Those days are over when we ruled the seven seas
And when we wanted money we could rob the Portugese
'Cos now they're robbing us through the european coffers
And there isn't any fighting, they just come and take it off us
You buggers are too healthy and you're living far too long
Now that's all fine and dandy when economies are strong
Even for the reaper, times are hard and things l...

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Also by Dave Carr:

Sockless in Scarisbrick |

The School Play 2

entry picture

Here we are, two years on

And still I hate the school play

In crammed airless hall

Two hours of my life stolen

only this time it’s worse…

I’ve grabbed the last two seats in the house,

embroiled myself in chit chat with a neighbour

before the waft of urine hits my senses

and I thought her husband switched places

to ease our conversation…

My 15yr old bemoan...

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Also by Isobel:

The School Play (Re-post) | Tainted Wings | Shoes, Feet and all things Podiatric Competition Results |

The Changeling



There's a change going on I can't see;

is the woman in me dying?

I notice the grays and lines appearing

but something other is steering my course,

the stalk of the Reaper draws close.


When the usefulness of my youth is past

will I at last be free

of the three days of madness

when I want to fuck everything

and the unaccountable sadness


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Proudly Idle

entry picture

I’m a carefree lad,

A lazy git,

Whichever you prefer,

I don’t mind either,

Or anything,

Except having to do work

Of some,

Or any description


You know this life’s good,

That of the ne’er bored,

Taking each day,

Just as it comes,

To put on an act,

As if prepared for it,

Such effortless style, such élan!

The secret: Don’t care


We, the lazy are...

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Also by Joshua Van-Cook:

Summer |

silver lady midnight moon

entry picture

When silver lady midnight moon

Caresses sand and sea

I can hear her gently calling

A calling out to me


She is pushing me and pulling me

And luring me along

For she wants me in the ocean

Where she says, that I belong.


She wants me in the ocean

She wants me in the sea

She wants me neath the foaming

Rage so the waters cover me.


She ...

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the day of her leaving

entry picture



the day of her leaving


it's a bit battered now

but I remember it when it was pristine

pages almost sticking together as they opened for the first time

faces inside

staring back

unaware of time passing

monochrome memories


family, relatives, confetti, suits, shiny shoes

daft hairstyles back-combed into oblivion

me as a small boy


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time memorieswedding photos

Second haiku

Second haiku

Toxic like kisses
A path of broken wishes
The weak me misses

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entry picture

Just for a bit of fun. Add your own caption to this blog entry - or post another pic . . .

 Maybe one for the ladies . . .


and for the gents . . .



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Also by Anthony Emmerson:

(untitled) | Girl in a summer dress | Phoenix (re-posted by request) |


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