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Eye of the Beholder

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Is sunrise as beautiful if none sees

or birdsong so sweet without human ear?

Is a flower's perfume on an evening breeze

as fragrant if there is no person near?

Was all this created for us  alone

or is there purpose still yet to be seen?

Though Man is mortal, and will soon be gone

Suns shall yet rise daily where we have been

and flowers will appear with heady bouquet

the air will ring to the chorus at dawn

But none will recall man's fleeting short stay

or remember the day that he was born

Nature’s beauty exists, hid or perceived

and we fools have only ourselves deceived

Beautyanthropic theory

◄ I close my eyes

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 22nd Jul 2011 15:13

I don't think that any bird worth its salt would care tuppence whether a paltry human being was listening! No flower would notice if you or I was smelling it's perfume. They are just here for themselves, as we are. Man/flower/bird - who is the most important? All equal in my eyes!

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Laura Taylor

Fri 22nd Jul 2011 09:23

And there are some, like James Lovelock, who theorise that the earth itself, and all the organisms that live in and on it, are a part of a complex system of organisms, all working together to keep the earth alive and as healthy as it can be. Have you read about the Gaia theory? Worth reading alongside this.

Interesting poem, interesting questions :)

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John Embley

Thu 21st Jul 2011 23:41

Just been reading a book on the 'Anthropic Cosmological Principle', which seems to argue, in its strongest case, that the Universe exists as it does because we're in it ... I can't quite get my head around that one, so wrote this, trying to reason it out ...

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