I Am Woman

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                                                 For I Am Woman



          It’s not I be the narcissi

I sometimes see,

It’s not the sultry look

Of woman gazing on in disbelief,

It is not cold,

But worry of - Mother to be.


            I am with child!

My ‘first,’

And my state of being reflected

In this mirror surrounds my every

Thought as my child grows within my



          He’ll be fully formed –

And I am woman; my breasts swelling

As skin moves taut and I’m wondering of

His life;

          Will it be the joy – the sense of wonder

Now coursing through my soul; a

Life of triumph for the role I’m living as

Before me,  my destiny, my graduation of life

Becomes the giving of life that once was -

Bestowed to I.


          My fragile womb has

Won the many years of hurt – I thought

Deformity could not remove from daily states

Of pain, that crunched my form and doubled

Up in turmoil, my very being upon existence,

But the barren that I guessed - gave way

And no longer lame,

I am woman, and my fertility 

Speaks the awe - I behold.


          My little one is here,

And my sense of self is not this vision,

This is the life that granted

Femininity to bloom –

And his life I wish make safe

For all eternity, and the only


            Is for a thought to keep him here -

Within this taut, brown skin.


          He is here!

And my life becomes the meaning

I have never known existed –

And as he kicks,

I smile a million Son’s I wish could be,

          But one is who he is,

          My first one –

My little one,

And my love seeks only

To explode around his being

And seeing this once unbelieving,

I am with child;-

          For I am Woman!



Michael & Nomalungelo 6th July 2011.


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Marianne Louise Daniels

Wed 6th Jul 2011 15:15

This is beautiful.

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