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'So sad WAS I' by John Harrison

'So Sad WAS I'


I dialled a number

A soft voice spoke

And talked gently

I spoke tentatively at first

But then...

Not so hurried

This voice filled me with care

It comforted me

That I could be heard

Listening intently

Ever so gently

A voice of understanding

At last!...

A short time passed

As I gasped but...

The pain

The pain was no longer alone

This beautiful voice

Had filled me with warmth

And before I knew it

An hour was over

Time spent

Rebuilding my faith

I spared a thought

For the others

Of need too

For I could have talked all night

This voice would let me

This voice could hear me

This voice could see me

This voice told me all this

It was then I knew

That this voice said...

I was someone


Copyright John Harrison 2009


Thoughts of The Samaritans


The Samaritans Charity official YouTube channel has favourited the video of my poem 'So Sad WAS I' which I wrote about calling the Samaritans helpline a few years ago. Please click on this link to hear and see it, on the Samaritans Charity Official YouTube channel.


Raising awareness of helplines such as the Samaritans.

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My work recognized by the Child Abuse Monument in Canada ►


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Peter Asher

Mon 1st Aug 2011 11:56

Very good John. As well as having made that same phone call many years ago I had the same response and outcome.

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Sat 30th Jul 2011 08:31

Yes, I know this poem well. Sometimes during my darkest moments I have felt the need to talk to someone who seems more sincere than those that know you. I say that because when in need those who know you can often pass by your want of need, in glib understanding. The Samaritans however do care for those that find themselves going through a rough time. They should be given more exposure, with an emphasis on 'having the courage' to phone. Because some people are so down about themselves and life that they don't often have the courage to make the call that they 'should' be able to make. They don't realize that they, we all, are, someone, and each of us matter.

Nice work.

Stay well.



<Deleted User> (8730)

Wed 27th Jul 2011 14:10

Brilliant ending... reminds me of The Samaritans. Nice structure too...

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 26th Jul 2011 10:40

One of those organisations John that many do not think of until needed..Thoughtfully scripted :)

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