Ocean's Edge

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Standing on the edge of an ocean shore
on the sand shimmer surface of the swell;
my arms thrown out wide to the water’s roar,
I listened for the tolling of the bell.
Strange screeching birds were circling overhead;
“Into the water, if you dare!” they cry.
It felt as if my life hung on a thread;
“What if it’s cold or too rough?”, I reply.
Then a wind like a hammer hit my back
and the birds screamed above me even more
as I entered the torrent with a crack
and was driven very far from the shore.
  With a gasp I then awoke from my dream
  awash with the thoughts of what could have been.

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John Coopey

Mon 25th Jul 2011 09:51

Enjoyable imagery and use of alliteration, Alan. Nice sonnet.

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Andy N

Mon 25th Jul 2011 08:13

Excellent stuff, Alan.. Lot of good images and well paced - particularly like 'sand shimmer surface of the swell' but the piece stands up well throughout..

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 24th Jul 2011 11:21

Hi Alan, enjoyed this, like anything to do with the sea and it's power, don't mind the seagulls apart from when they're on top of the flamin caravan! Cheers Jeff

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