Quoting Mikey Wong: "Poetry Is Gay"

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Poetry Is Gay


He puffs out his chest

Like he’s summat dead important to say

Looks me straight in the eye

And goes “poetry is gay”

For starters mate

Who are you to imply

That it ain’t OK

To be gay anyway

And besides

Poetry is my life

Writing is how I make sense of me

Make sense of living

Of everything

Creativity like an IV

Keeping me going

Drip, drip, dripping, feeding

So many empty pages ahead

My ink’s bleeding

But I’m fighting off the block

And I’m still breathing

But why have I gotta defend

My passion to you?

When you tell me

Poetry’s music’s boring cousin

And spoken word don’t do

Nuffin for you

Maybe you just ain’t listening

Maybe you just ain’t feeling

Maybe I’m wasting my time

‘Cause you’re leaving me reeling

And I know you’ll have the last word

And I know just what you’ll say

You can’t justify your position

With owt but “poetry is gay”

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Sat 6th Sep 2014 20:00

Great poem!

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Dave Bradley

Thu 21st Jul 2011 23:06

Found this and thought it excellent then noticed you posting another one as I write, which is completely different - experimental. Both of them work for me.

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Andy N

Mon 18th Jul 2011 19:53

change in style for you here a bit, i think gem and it suits you well.

the use of the short, short lines is very effective and gives it a beat..

would like to see more like this sometime.

top stuff, chick.

when i am back from summer break - defo going to come down to Middleton..

Andy N x

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Sun 17th Jul 2011 08:36

You should have told him that Abba doo, doo, doo, Come on Eileen and most of the shit that DJs play is gay too - though I appreciate that the word should not be used in that context.

Getting him back in verse is much more stylish though - you should post the poem to that lovely shirt of his.

A fun read. x

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Val Cook

Sat 16th Jul 2011 14:02

You tell him Gemma. Good poem.XX

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Anthony Emmerson

Sat 16th Jul 2011 10:39

Hi Gemma,

I liked this a lot, and can really identify with where you're coming from . . . but . . .
Who are you calling a poet? Want to make something of it do you?




<Deleted User> (6315)

Fri 15th Jul 2011 22:48

Yes they always have to have the last word don't they. Made me smile..

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Fri 15th Jul 2011 21:42

This is so funny, yet true! (People who criticise things they know nothing about) This DJ Mikey Wong sounds like a kid talking nonsense - I'd write a poem about him to let him know - Wong is Wrong ; )

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